Shared Work Employer Eligibility and Application


The Shared Work Program helps you avoid some of the problems caused by a layoff. If you keep your employees during a temporary slowdown, you can gear up quickly when business conditions improve. You do not have the expense of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. Also, you spare your employees the hardships of full unemployment.

Example Of Benefits Paid Under Shared Work Program
  Under Total Unemployment  Under Shared Work  
An employee who earns $400/week may receive $200 unemployment benefit rate $320 per week in wages from his employer (20% of $400 equals an $80 reduction), plus $40 in Shared Work Benefits (20% of $200)

This totals $360.00 in wages and Shared Work benefits for each week of the plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

Employer Benefit Eligibility

Before you apply, you must have:

  • Employed at least two full-time employees working in New York State
  • For four consecutive calendar quarters, you or your predecessor must have:
    • Paid UI contributions
    • In lieu of contributions, elected reimbursement of benefits paid to your former employees

Your Shared Work plan must:

  • Reduce work hours and corresponding wages 20 - 60%
  • Apply to employees who normally work no more than 40 hours per week
  • Not reduce or eliminate fringe benefits unless fringe benefits are also being reduced or eliminated for the entire workforce
  • Not extend beyond 53 weeks (when nearing the end of the plan, you may submit a request for a new plan)
  • Replace a layoff of an equal percentage of employees

You cannot hire additional employees for the workgroup covered by the plan. If there is a collective bargaining agreement in effect, the collective bargaining agent must agree to take part in the Shared Work plan.

Employer Application

Apply Online

To take part in the Shared Work Program, you must first design a Shared Work plan. Complete an application online through secure UI Online Services on your Employer Information page. Applying online will provide more accurate information and quicker response by email. If you are unable to file online, call (518) 457-2635.


Employer Online Services             Language Access Application Forms


The plan can cover your total workforce, a particular shift or shifts, or a work unit or units. Submit your application at least one week, but not more than four weeks, before the proposed effective date.

Once you submit the Plan Application online, you will receive an email which must be saved so that you have the information needed to open the second email you will receive once the plan is approved.  The second email contains an information letter and links to all forms needed for your employees. When submitting the plan application, you may upload the employee data from a properly formatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into the Shared Work Application on the Employee Information Page.  At this time we only accept Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Video: How to Create a Shared Work Plan

Learn how to set up your plan and join our Shared Work program.

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Learn about Unemployment Insurance Online Services, or UIOS, and how to use it.

Fact Sheets for Employers


    Programa De Trabajo Compartido (SW1S-Spanish)

    Traducción al español (Spanish)

    El Programa de Trabajo Compartido ofrece a los empleadores una alternativa  en vez de  suspender  a los empleados a tiempo completo cuando tienen que enfrentarse a una baja temporal en el negocio. Este folleto informativo contiene una descripción del programa, así como respuestas a las preguntas más comunes acerca del mismo.