Unemployment Insurance Assistance
Important Information
Here's What You Need to Know
  • 1099-G Update: By the end of January, New Yorkers who received unemployment benefits in 2022 will receive a copy of their 1099-G in the mail unless you opted out of having the form mailed. All New Yorkers who received unemployment benefits in 2022 can now view and print their 1099-G tax forms on our website. For more information about the form, visit our 1099-G webpage.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Update: Pre-enrollment for MFA to access the Unemployment Services at NY.gov begins on September 7, 2022. Beginning September 21, 2022, all users will be prompted to set up MFA when using the online unemployment Services portal. More information is available on our MFA webpage.
  • Interest Assessment Surcharge Update: In July 2022, businesses who make unemployment insurance contributions received Interest Assessment Surcharge (IAS) bills, along with information about the fee and how to pay it. More information is available on our IAS webpage.
Claimant Handbook & Frequently Asked Questions
Unemployment Insurance Handbook

The handbook provides general information for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Find this document in English and various other languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about Unemployment Insurance.

Report Fraud
UI Fraud and Identity Theft
The Department of Labor works very hard to protect the integrity of our agency and programs. To combat and stop unemployment insurance (UI) fraud and identity theft, we work actively alongside local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, government agencies, claimants, and employers in New York State and around the country. NYS DOL has launched a new online fraud resource with important information about protecting your identity from fraudsters, including guidance on how to report fraud, protect your personal information, and observe safe online practices.
Tools to Help You
These tools are designed to give you estimations of your benefit rate, and how working part time could impact your benefits.
Claimant Advocate Office

Advocates provide free, impartial and confidential services that help claimants, particularly those with limited English proficiency or other barriers, understand their rights and responsibilities under Unemployment Insurance Law.

Hearings & Appeals

If you are found ineligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits, you will receive a determination explaining the reason. If you disagree, you may request a hearing within 30 days from the date of the determination.

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