DEI and Equal Opportunity

DEI and Equal Opportunity
Ensuring Equality in the Workplace

The New York State Department of Labor (DOL) is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity for the customers we serve and for our own staff. We recognize that each New Yorker who comes through our doors —whether brick and mortar or virtual—has different circumstances and we believe in accessibility to assure they have a clear pathway to learn about and utilize whatever services they need. We use data to help inform and drive outcomes to move the needle on DEI in NY. And, we work to create an environment where our own employees are empowered and diversity can thrive.

DOL is committed to creating an inclusive workplace of diverse communities unified by a culture of acceptance. We embrace and respect the individual differences and unique voices of our employees. We are proud of their varied backgrounds and experiences and appreciate the valuable contributions they make to our organization. We strive to ensure our organization is a reflection of the New York State population so that we can better serve the needs of our customers

Have a Complaint?
How to File a Discrimination Claim
Federal laws protect people from discrimination by employers and state and local agencies that provide services to you. New York State law protects employers and job applicants. NYSDOL adheres to these laws and takes affirmative steps to ensure that all programs and services are free of discrimination based on protected class status.
Sexual Harassment Resources
Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
New York State is leading the nation with laws to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. For employers and business owners, learn more about the model sexual harassment policy and what you need to know as an employer. For workers, know your rights and where you can get help.

Notification of Worker Rights
Equal Opportunity is the Law

The “Equal Opportunity is the Law” poster provides information on how to file a discrimination complaint.  You may file a discrimination complaint if you think your employer or the Department of Labor discriminated against you or against any specific group of people.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act
NYS Non-Discrimination Plan