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Protecting New York's Workforce

The Department of Labor is committed to protecting and promoting workers' safety & health, wages, and working conditions. We do this by providing education, consultation and enforcement services in a fair, timely and consistent manner. New York's employers are a vital part of that equation and we work to ensure an equal playing field for all New York businesses.

Our Focus Areas

Ensuring that the services, programs, and protections of the Department of Labor are available to all workers and assisting employers to achieve compliance through education.

Find your minimum wage and get your questions answered with fact sheets and dedicated FAQ pages for specific types of workers.

Youth Worker Pledge

DOL's Counsel's Office provides legal advice and counsel to the Commissioner of Labor and to programs within the Department. Our legal team works hard to protect the rights of New York's workers and business owners by providing guidance and issuing opinions and decisions on the interpretation of Labor laws.