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Protect Youth Workers Pledge

Have your business join the New York State Department of Labor in protecting our youth workers.
Protect Youth Workers Pledge
Keeping Kids Safe in the Workplace

In 2023, Governor Kathy Hochul tasked the New York State Department of Labor to create the Protect Youth Workers Pledge for employers as a part of a broader initiative to protect youth workers within the state. As a part of this pledge, employers affirm they have educated their employees on labor rights and signs of labor trafficking by displaying resources, and abiding by the terms outlined when signing the pledge. By submitting this form, your business will also:

  • Pledge to protect New York youth workers through educating ourselves about labor rights and human trafficking.
  • Pledge not to employ minors in prohibited occupations or exploit their youth or labor.
  • Pledge to always considered minors' safety and wellbeing as employees, future employees, or members of our community.
  • Pledge to report suspected violations to the Child Labor Task Force.

By signing this pledge, employers will be added to our database of businesses who have signed the pledge which will be made public in the coming future.


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NY Youth Worker Pledge

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