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Help for All New Yorkers

Get the resources and help you need to find a job, explore career options and learn about the variety of programs offered.
NYSDOL has incredible resources to help you find a job, research careers, and learn about special programs for jobseekers
You Served Us, Let Us Serve You
The New York State Department of Labor Veterans’ Program has specialized staff that are dedicated to helping veterans and eligible persons gain a competitive edge in today’s labor market.
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Jobs and Careers for Youth

Explore for the future and prepare for careers. Find your age group to learn more about what jobs you are eligible and what you need to do to get working papers to prepare for a job interview.
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Jobs and Careers in the Cannabis Industry
Explore the possibility of working in New York's legal cannabis industry. Find out more about what jobs may become available, the transferrable skills that apply to cannabis, training and education opportunities, and information on cannabis licensing and regulations.
Office of Just Energy Transition (OJET)
Looking for work in clean energy? Learn more about the Office of Just Energy Transition (OJET)
Occupations Licensed or Certified by New York State
Search a list of licensed and certified jobs in New York State to learn more about the jobs and licensing requirements.