JobZone is a job search and career development tool designed to help you:

  • Plan your future
  • Organize your job search
  • Explore your career interests and skills
  • Develop customized resumes
  • Explore more than 800 careers

Take a video tour of all of the features that JobZone offers to help you find a career you love!

How To

While you can explore JobZone in guest mode, in order to take advantage of all of the modules, you will need to create an account. This will require a DOL NY.gov account. If you already have an NY.gov account you will not need to create a new one. Access to JobZone is provided after log-in on your NY.gov home screen.

You will be asked to provide us information on your educational back ground, career interests and location/contact information to get you started.

Need help logging in? Give us a call at 1-888-4-NYSDOL (888-469-7365).

Search for Jobs

The JobZone Job Search module allows you to do a search by location to find the latest job openings. You can also:

  • Search by key word
  • Save your search criteria for future searches
  • Compare your qualifications with other similar job seekers

Video: How to Do a JobZone Keyword Search

Resume-based Search

Another neat feature is JobZone's resume-based search, which lets you use your resume to match job opportunities to your skills using our advanced Skills Matching and Referral Technology (SMART).

SMART uses artificial intelligence software specifically designed to analyze the whole person. The software analyzes a customer’s resume for skills, work experience, and talents within context. The software, trained by looking at over a million people’s career pathways, compares its data with the selected resume, carefully sorting through hundreds of words and similar themes. At the end, the system asks, “What skills does this person have” and “What career have others with these skills followed?” The system then recommends a number of job matches based on the probability that the individual will follow a similar career path based on work history, experience and skills.


Video: Performing a JobZone Search Using a Resume

Job Scout

You can receive automated job lead emails through JobZone's Job Scout feature. The Job Scout sends you automated emails using SMART results and you can also set it up to send you key word results.


Resume Builder

The Resume and Letter Preparation section lets you build and store multiple resumes, customized for the jobs you want. You can:

  • Upload and store resumes
  • Create a simple or customized resumes
  • Write cover letters and thank you letters

Resume Builder Guide (pdf)

Video: How to Create a Quick Resume in JobZone

Video: How to Create a Full Resume in JobZone

Work Search

If you are receiving unemployment insurance from New York State, you may need to keep a record of your job search activities. JobZone's Work Search Record module allows you to record all of your work search activities and the jobs and companies you have applied to. You can:

  • Create weekly reports of your work search activities
  • Keep an address book
  • View your work search history


One of the most important factors in your future success is finding a job that fits your skills and personality. JobZone has a number of tools to help you learn more about what best fit is for you. 

Self- Exploration

The Self-Exploration section allows you to match your interests, work values and skills with the world of work. Modules include:

  • Career Interests Assessments
  • Work Values Assessment
  • Skills Survey
  • Work Context Survey

Career Exploration

The Career Exploration section contains tools to discover what the working world has to offer. Modules include:

  • Occupations
  • Training
  • Colleges
  • Trades

Employability Score
How likely are you to get hired for the job you want? This quick and easy survey helps you learn how employable you are and will help identify factors that may impact your ability to land a job. It will also help you learn how to increase your score, and your opportunities.

Video: Your Employability Score