Electronic Interpretation Service

New York State Department Of Labor
Unemployment Insurance Division
Adjudication Services Office

Introduction to the Electronic Interpretation Service Index for Benefit Claims

The Interpretation Service Index is a compilation of rules based on Appeal Board and Court decisions interpreting the Unemployment Insurance Law. It is intended to report, in summary form, decisions of current legal validity.

Each Index entry followed by an A-750 number is reported in its entirety in the Interpretation Service release of that number with commentary on its implementation. The Interpretation Services releases are also available for examination in the UI Appeal Board library, which is open to the public.

This Index is updated periodically by publication of Interpretation Service releases (A-750 series) reporting relevant new decisions. Unemployment Insurance Review Letters.

Interpretation Service Index Benefit Claims Indices
Index Topic
700 Availability and Capability
800 Registration, Reporting and Certification
900 Determination of Benefits
1000 Hearings and Appeals
1100 Misconduct
1200 Refusal of Employment
1300 Industrial Controversy
1400 Total or Partial Unemployment
1500 Misrepresentation and Redeterminations
1600 Voluntary Separation
2000 Section 599