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Information about ID.me

Information about ID.me

What is ID.me?

Information about ID.me

NYS DOL is using ID.me’s secure online technology to verify the identity of most unemployment insurance (UI) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) claimants and applicants. This tool allows New Yorkers to submit their identity documentation safely and efficiently if required due to federal guidelines and/or fraud prevention measures.

This process replaces the previous method for submitting documents unless an applicant meets the special instructions for non-citizens or claimants below the age of 18.

When signing into the ID.me system after being selected for identity verification, you must use the same email address that you used to file your claim for benefits. If you fail to do so, the completion of your verification will take longer than the normal processing time.

If you are not applying for unemployment benefits, you should not go through the ID.me process of verifying your identity for NYS DOL. Victims of unemployment fraud may receive communication about ID.me – this should be disregarded unless you are also applying for unemployment benefits.

There are multiple scenarios in which a claimant or applicant must go through the ID.me process:

  1. New Claims: All new claimants filing applications for unemployment benefits will be required to verify their identity before filing a claim for benefits. To apply for benefits, go to unemployment.labor.ny.gov and follow the application and ID.me directions when prompted.
  2. Direct Deposit Updates: To update banking information, including switching to a debit card or changing direct deposit information, claimants must now go through the ID.me process. To update your direct deposit information, log in to labor.ny.gov/signin with your NY.gov ID. Select Unemployment Services, click Update Personal Information and Update/Register for Direct Deposit, and follow the prompts to complete the ID.me verification process in real-time.
  3. If Selected for Additional Verification: If selected for ID.me verification, you will receive an email, text message, or letter to the email address, phone number, or address submitted with your application for unemployment benefits. Even if you have already submitted identification documents through mail, fax, or our online system, you should still follow the directions to submit these documents again via ID.me if contacted. If you have not included your contact information in your application or this information has changed, you will hear the instructions to verify your identity when you call the Telephone Claims Center.


Be Vigilant Against Fraud

All ID.me emails will come from the email address [email protected] and text messages will come from 468-311. Do not send your identity verification documents or information to fraudsters who purport to be NYS DOL or ID.me.

If you receive communication regarding ID.me from NYS DOL and you have not applied for benefits, please do NOT fill out the ID.me form. Instead, report that you received the email, text, or letter to NYS DOL at on.ny.gov/uifraud. You will receive an email confirmation that NYS DOL has received your report – you do not need to speak to a representative to report fraud.

For more tips and resources to combat fraud, visit NYS DOL’s fraud resource page.


Other Resources

ID.me is a trusted, secure service used by various federal and state government agencies. For more information about verifying your identity with ID.me, watch this video and visit ID.me Support.

The documents below also contain important information.