Use the employer online services portal to: 

  • View your Unemployment Insurance Employer Information Page
  • Apply for Shared Work - see the information below
  • Enroll in SIDES E-Response to respond electronically to requests for unemployment insurance information
  • File a NYS 45, Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting and Unemployment Insurance Return
  • Upload a Wage Reporting File
  • File a NYS-1, Return of Tax Withheld
  • Report a Change of Address online
  • Assign an Online Services Filing Representative
  • Create an Account to Provide Filing Agent Services


Online services frequently asked questions

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ATTENTION: Online Services for Employers may ONLY be used to access information about your unemployment insurance employer/business account with the Department of Labor. 

If you want to file a personal claim for unemployment insurance benefits, please see dol.ny.gov for more information.

If you have already filed a claim for benefits, please go to labor.ny.gov/signin to make weekly certifications or to view your claim information.

NOTE: You need a personal NY.gov ID to file a new claim for unemployment insurance, make weekly certifications or view your claim information. Your personal NY.gov ID must be different than the one you use to access Online Services for Employers, and it must be associated with a different email address.


Log in with your Ny.Gov ID

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Your NY.GOV ID allows you to use online services from various NYS government agencies using a single Username and Password. For example, if you create a NY.GOV ID through the Department of Labor (DOL) and then want to use the Online Tax Center of the Department of Taxation and Finance, you can use the same NY.GOV ID Username and Password for both agencies. If you already have a NY.GOV ID Username and Password before you sign up with the DOL, we will assign that Username and Password to your DOL account.

If you are having problems using the system, see our Technical Support Solutions information:


Technical Support Solutions


Upgrade Your DTF OLS Account

The process to upgrade your DTF OLS account is easy:

  1. A Master Administrator of the DTF OLS account must sign in first
  2. Provide information from prior tax filings, if prompted
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions

After completing these three simple steps, the Master Administrator can give the necessary permissions for employees to use the system. The names of the employees listed in the DTF OLS will automatically transfer to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Online Services for Employers system. However, the Master Administrator must reset the permission level for each employee.