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Monitoring Guides

The Department of Labor has developed monitoring guides to offer direction for workforce professionals.


The New York State Department of Labor has developed WIOA Monitoring Guides for use in monitoring WIOA and related activities. The guides fall into three categories:

  • Program Monitoring guides are related to WIOA programs such as the Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth programs.
  • Fiscal Monitoring guides focus on WIOA financial management.
  • Contract Monitoring (Program and Fiscal) guides are used in reviewing WIOA grant contracts and their implementation.

How & Why Monitoring Guides Help

The local programs and services that have been established through WIOA have made a significant impact on New York State's businesses, employers and job-seekers. These impacts inform and improve the entire statewide workforce development system, contributing to our economic growth and insight into the future of work.

New York State holds a responsibility to ensure the effectiveness and success of WIOA programs and services which serve everyone in New York State, including the youth who begin to enter the workforce; the veterans who have honorably served our country; individuals with disabilities who need vocational rehabilitation and training; the unemployed, displaced, and dislocated workers who need support and assistance, and so many more.

We need our programs and services to remain effective, appropriate, and successful by the way of WIOA regulations and policies. With that being said, the monitoring guides provided on this page help pursue this mission and hold our local workforce development areas accountable for serving our workforce development system and all the New Yorkers who take part in it.

Program Monitoring of Local Areas

Fiscal Monitoring of Local Areas

Contract Monitoring