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Everything you will need to know to apply for the Excluded Workers Fund.

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Beware of Fraud
Protect Your Application Materials
Documents submitted to the DOL as part of the Excluded Worker Fund (EWF) application, including those from employers, are not public records and will be used for the sole purpose of EWF benefits administration. Disclosure of such to any other government agencies, including U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), is strictly prohibited by law for any purpose other than processing the application, unless expressly authorized by the individual claimant or legally required to do so pursuant to a lawful court order or judicial warrant.

Protecting applicants and impacted community members from fraud and other unsavory practices is top priority for DOL. Applicants should only apply for the Excluded Workers Fund from the official DOL website and seek assistance only from trusted community-based organizations. While all available resources will be put in place, DOL is asking applicants, advocates, community leaders, elected officials, and members of the media to help report any possible fraudulent outreach.

If any agency or individual tries to charge you money or collect your personal information to submit an application on your behalf at this time, DO NOT provide anything to them. If you have not applied for this program, but have received an email or letter that appears to be from DOL saying DOL is processing your application please contact DOL immediately. Fraudulent communications could include emails, text messages, letters, debit cards, social media accounts and messages, and tax forms received in the mail.

You may report such activity to by filing a complaint with the New York Attorney General’s office by using the link below or by calling the Attorney General’s hotline at (800) 771-7755. For hearing impaired: TDD (800) 788-9898

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