Excluded Workers Fund

We are no longer accepting new applications as all funds have been allocated.
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Applicants who already submitted a complete application may still access their account to view status or respond to requests.
Important Updates
  • Thank you for your interest in the Excluded Workers Fund. Please be advised that the fund has been completely allocated. The Department of Labor is no longer accepting applications and all determinations are final. 
  • If you encounter any organization or entity seeking to charge money or solicit personal information to provide application assistance, please call (800) 771-7755 to report potential fraud.
  • EWF cardholder disupute information.


EWF Application FAQs
EWF application information. Please note that applications are now closed.

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File Complaints and Report Fraud
If you have concerns about consumer fraud, identity theft or concerns that your personal information was improperly handled, please submit the form below. The form can also be used to submit complaints about experiences with EWF customer service providers and technical difficulties with the EWF website, application or phone system.

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