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Assistance with the Excluded Workers Fund application is available at more than 60 community-based organizations across New York.
Excluded Workers Fund
Guidance For Using This Directory

Navigating This Directory

  • Search this comprehensive list to find an organization that can assist you with your application for the Excluded Workers Fund.
  • Filter by region to find organizations near you.
  • View the detailed information of the organization by clicking its title. This will include contact information, hours of operation and services available, including language access services.
  • For quick reference, language access services are also viewable on this page at the top of every organization's card.

Contacting Organizations

  • Please contact your local organization by phone or email first as appointments may be required for in-person assistance.

Staying Informed

  • This list of Community-Based Organizations is still under development. Continue to check back for updates or changes to this directory.

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