Workers Rights

Management System for Protecting Workers Rights (MPWR)

Management System for Protecting Workers Rights (MPWR)
Management System for Protecting Workers Rights

The NYS Department of Labor has been working to improve the process which individuals and businesses obtain various services including licenses, permits, and certificates.

The Management System for Protecting Workers Rights (MPWR) is a completely online system that speeds up the application process and makes information about applications readily available. Using MPWR, an applicant can:

  • Choose their preferred language (English and Spanish currently supported).
  • Submit information, upload required documentation, and pay any required fee.
  • Receive real-time updates about the status or issues with respect to their application when they opt-in to receive electronic communications.

MPWR is designed for individual applicants to submit their personal information on their own behalf. Applicants are not required to pay anyone or any business to use MPWR or submit their application and associated fees to the Department. Applicants are also not required to provide any personal information to anyone or any third party for their application to be submitted to the Department, nor does the Department recommend that applicants share any personal information with others. Using the system in a way that is not intended may also have unforeseen consequences with respect to renewal notifications.

To log in to MPWR, users who haven't done so already will first need to obtain a My ID. Once they have a valid My ID, users can apply for initial licenses, renew existing licenses, and view previous requests.

Ensuring Workers Protection
The Department of Labor is committed to protecting and promoting workers' safety & health, wages, and working conditions. We do this by providing education, consultation and enforcement services in a fair, timely and consistent manner. New York's employers are a vital part of that equation and we work to ensure an equal playing field for all New York businesses