Information for Child Performers


The NYS Department of Labor has recently improved the process that families follow in order to obtain one-year child performer permits. All one-year permits will now be issued online.* The permits are approved after families upload certain specific documents to the Department's new online application portal.

*Families still have the option to submit their applications by mail. However, mailed applications can take up to 3 weeks (or more) to process. Applicants can personally download permits themselves within 1 to 3 business days of submitting a complete application by signing in again to the new portal.

Due to the volume of permit requests, we are unable to honor requests for immediate issuance of a permit.

Apply for Child Performer Permit

Before work begins, a parent or guardian of the child performer must apply for a permit and provide a copy to each employer.

In addition, the parent or guardian must:

You can also print an application and submit by mail.

To ensure you receive your permit in time, allow 15 days for processing.

Due to the volume of permit requests, we are unable to honor requests for immediate issuance of a permit.


15-Day Permit 12-Month Permit

For Employers

Apply online with the link below, and be approved within three business days if all the necessary documents are submitted.

Management System for Protecting Workers' Rights

*Please note: You will need to create a new individual account to apply.


You can print an application and submit via mail. Please note this can take up to three weeks to process.

LS550 - Application for a Certificate of Eligibility to Employ Child Performers

LS551 – Verification of Workers’ Compensation/Disability Insurance Coverage

LS553 - Application for a Certificate of Group Eligibility to Employ Child Performers

LS556 - Notice of Employment of Child Performer

LS557 - Application for Variance from the Child Performer Regulations



Visit our Employers of Child Performers Responsibilities page for a detailed overview of responsibilities of employers including trust accounts, educational requirements, certificates, and more.

If you have a valid Certificate of Eligibility to Employ Child Performers, you can check to see if a submitted permit is valid by using our look up tool. 

*Please note: This system updates at 2 am Eastern Standard time.

CHild Performer Online Verification Tool


Child performers must have satisfactory school performance while working during academic semesters. Educational requirements are determined by the school district they reside or the private school they attend.

The employer will provide a child performer with time during the workday to fulfill their educational requirements, a workspace used only for instruction, and a New York State certified teacher (unless the child performer is homeschooled or a distance education student who is receiving appropriate instruction). Teachers must provide instruction for an average of at least three hours per school day on a weekly basis. It is the responsibility of the child performer's school, parent or guardian, and provided teacher to work together to determine the child performer's curriculum and education plan.

Child performers cannot be without educational instruction for more than ten consecutive days while school of enrollment is in session.


Visit our FAQs and Laws and Regulations section for complete information regarding child performer education.

Trust Accounts

Parents or guardians of child performers must establish a trust account prior to the child's first day of paid employment. A Temporary Child Performer Permit allows the parents or guardians up to fifteen days to establish a trust account. Parents or guardians may serve as custodians and establish how much of the child performer's income is transferred into the trust (the minimum is 15% of gross earnings).

The child performer's parents or guardians must provide the employer with all information necessary for transfers to the trust account. Once the trust fund exceeds $250,000, parents or guardians must appoint a trust fund company as custodian.

A child performer trust account is not required for unpaid performances under an Employer Certificate of Group Eligibility.


Visit our FAQs and Laws and Regulations section for complete information regarding trust accounts.