Child Performer 15-Day Online Application

Child Performer 15-Day Online Application


New York State Law requires each child performer (including child models) to have a valid Child Performer Permit from the New York State Department of Labor. The 15-day child performer permit is a first-time only and a one-time only permit. A child that has had a 12-month permit in the past may not get a 15-day permit. A child that had a 15-day permit in the past may not get another one.

How it Works

Through the online portal, you can apply for a 15-day temporary child performer permit.

You will be able to:

  • Print the permit immediately after you submit the application. The permit is valid for 15 consecutive days.
  • Sign the pre-filled application that will print with your 15-day permit, attach the required documents, and mail the application to get a 12-month child performer permit. Send in the 12-month application as soon as possible. Without a 12-month permit, the child will not be eligible to work once the 15-day permit expires.

Do not use the online portal if: 

  • You want to renew your 12-month child performer permit. Please use the LS561 application form instead.
  • You have ever obtained a 15-day permit before. The Department has the authority to take certain action against individuals who give us false information in order to get more than one 15-day permit.

How to Apply

  • After you have selected the link to the portal, you will be required to create an NY.Gov ID account (if you do not have one already).
  • Once your account is established, you can access the 15-day child performer permit application by going to the Labor Standards section of the page and clicking on the application link.
  • When you have completed the 15-day child performer permit application you will then press “SUBMIT.”
  • You may print and use the 15-day permit immediately after it generates, or you can return to your account at a later time to print it. The 15-day temporary child performer permit is valid for 15 consecutive days after the date the permit is generated.
  • If you experience problems creating the NY.Gov ID account, or if you are unable to sign into your account, please call 1-800-833-3000 for assistance.


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