Child Performer Advisory Board

The Child Performer Advisory Board on Eating Disorders makes recommendations to the Commissioner of Labor for child performers and models on:

  • Ways to prevent eating disorders (such as anorexia and bulimia)
  • How to get treatment.

The Advisory Board is also required to recommend education and information for child performers, models and their parents or guardians on:

  • Awareness of eating disorders
  • Recognition of eating disorders
  • Referral and treatment

The regulations require that Parents/Guardians who apply for a Child Performer Permit, must review the eating disorder information accessible via these links. 

The information on eating disorders is available from the links below and includes:

  • Definitions of the most common eating disorders
  • Descriptions of signs and symptoms
  • Treatments
  • Resources for care and/or treatment
  • Tools for parents or guardians to support someone with an eating disorder

Educational and Informational Materials on Eating Disorders

National Institute of Mental Health 

Referral and Treatment Resources 

National Eating Disorders Association NEDA Parent Toolkit  

More Information 

The Advisory Board’s Recommendations contain many more links to information and resources for parents/guardians, employers, physicians, and performers themselves.