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Passenger Tramway Advisory Council

Passenger Tramway Advisory Council

Meeting Information

Staff Contact

Vincent Rapacciuolo, Safety & Health Program Manager 2Phone (518) 457-3530 email – [email protected]

Program Justification:  Worker Protection, Division of Safety & Health


Advises the Commissioner of Labor regarding rules and regulations that prevent personal injuries from occurring in the use of ski tows, other passenger tramways, and downhill ski areas.


Section 12c of the Labor Law.

Membership Structure

Seven members appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate for a five-year term or until a successor is appointed. The Governor designates one of the members to serve as chairperson. Four members shall be an officer or an employee of a privately-operated ski center, and three members shall be representatives of the public.

Current Board Members

MemberCounty of ResidenceMember Qualification
James R. Ruhl, Ph.D, (Chair)SaratogaPublic Representative
Gerald FieldingSullivanSki Area Representative
Russell Coloton, Jr.GreeneSki Area Representative
Thomas SanfordSaratogaPublic Representative
Wes KrygerCortlandPublic Representative
Vacant Public Representative
Vacant Ski Area Representative