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The ID.me Process

What is ID.me?

ID.me is an online verification tool for individuals to prove their identity and is used by governments and businesses in 31 states, multiple federal agencies, and over 500 name brand retailers. NYSDOL is committed to protecting our customers' identities and preventing fraud. ID.me allows us to do just that. 


*You may be asked to verify your identity through ID.me only if 1) you are applying for unemployment benefits or 2) you are updating your banking information with us.

When will I need to use ID.me?
If we notify you that you must complete ID Verification, you must complete the ID.me process before your claim can be approved and your payments processed and released.
Online Claims

After filing an online claim you may receive an online message stating you need to complete Real Time ID.me Verification. You must complete this while logged into your NY.Gov account so do not log out of your NY.Gov account.

IVR (Phone) Claims

After filing a claim over the phone using the IVR system, you may receive a letter notifying you that you must complete ID.me verification. The letter will include a website and instructions on how to complete the ID.me verification process.

Verifying with ID.me
Self Service

Self-service is the most common verification method. You’ll be guided through the process using your smartphone or computer. To verify, you’ll need: a mobile phone that has a camera or a computer with a webcam, email addressSocial Security number, two government-issued identity documents (driver’s license, passport, passport card, or state ID).


With In-Person Verification, you can complete your document and selfie upload steps of your verification at select retail locations. To verify your identity in person, you’ll need: an ID.me account, email addressSocial Security number, two identity documents.

Be Vigilant Against Fraud

All NYSDOL emails regarding identity verification will come from [email protected]. Do not send your identity verification documents or information to fraudsters who purport to be NYS DOL or ID.me.

You may be asked to go through the ID.me process of verifying your identity only if you are applying for unemployment benefits OR if you request a change of your banking information. If you are NOT applying for unemployment benefits, or requesting a change to your banking information, you should not go through the ID.me process.

Victims of unemployment fraud may receive communication about ID.me – this should be disregarded unless you are applying for unemployment benefits or changing your banking information

If you are reporting identity theft, please visit NYS DOL’s fraud resource page.