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Business Advocacy Office (BAO)


NYSDOL's Business Advocacy Office (BAO) was created in 2021 to assist businesses that are having difficulty resolving their issues with the Department. The BAO has an Ombudsman who will work within internal channels on behalf of businesses to help them resolve various issues.

How the BAO can help you

If you have trouble resolving an unemployment, tax, regulatory, or other issue with the New York State Department of Labor, and have exhausted all other administrative remedies, the Business Advocacy Office can potentially step in to serve as an advocate for resolution.

What We Do

The Business Advocacy Office is here to assist businesses by:

  • Responding promptly to all requests
  • Listening to the problem and discussing the issue with you
  • Ensuring that any support possible to address the issue is made available to you, and
  • Offering you NYSDOL training and education resources if applicable

What We Don't Do

  • We cannot change New York State labor law to address individual situations.
  • We cannot change time limits for filing, payment, or refunds.
  • We cannot act as legal counsel for individual situations.

Contact Information

You can contact the Business Advocacy Office for general information and unemployment, tax, regulatory, or other issues with the New York State Department of Labor.

Contact Form


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


If I have a problem/issue at with NYSDOL and I don’t know where to call, can I call the Business Advocacy Office?Yes, you will be directed to the appropriate office to help you with your inquiry.
If I receive a decision from NYSDOL that I don’t agree with, can the Business Advocacy Office change it?No, the Business Advocacy Office complies with existing labor laws and regulations.
Can I file a complaint about NYSDOL with the Business Advocacy Office?Yes, you can inform Business Advocacy Office of your complaint and they will forward your issue to the appropriate office.
Can I request NYSDOL business resources from the Business Advocacy Office?Yes, if the Business Advocacy Office does not have the resources you need, they will direct your request to the appropriate office.
What if my issue turns out to be with another NYS Agency, and not with the NYSDOL?The Business Advocacy Office will help you to find and connect with the right person at the right Agency to help you find a resolution to your issue.
What if I am not a business, will you still help me?Yes, the Business Advocacy Office will help you find the help you need.
What if I don’t speak English?The NYSDOL offers free, real-time interpreter services via 3-way phone calls upon request.