All of the trades below have been approved to offer registered apprenticeships in New York State. If the chart says that a training outline is available, then this outline can be used immediately by any sponsor. Trades without a training outline are NOT considered active trades at this time.

To discuss reactivating a trade, please contact the Apprenticeship Training Representative in your region. The Apprenticeship Training Program is not limited to this list and will work with prospective sponsors to develop and design training for other skilled occupations.

USDOL’s list of apprenticeable occupations may be found at the following link: USDOL Apprenticeable Occupations.

For instructions on how to submit comments, please refer to the section below.

Trade List

Apprenticeship Trades
Trade TitleTerm (In Months)Ratio*Outlines
Aircraft Refinishing Paint Technician Hybrid1:1; 1:1Outline
Airframe & Powerplant MechanicHybrid1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counselor Aide121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Art Operations Associate121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Auto Body Repairer & Painter481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Automobile Mechanic361;1 ; 1:1 
Automotive Service Technician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Baker, Retail361:1 ; 1:1 
Behavior Technician121:1 ; 1.1Outline
Bench Jeweler (Production)271:1 ; 1:1Outline
Biological Technician241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Boilermaker (Construction)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Brewer/Distiller201:1 ; 1:1Outline
Bricklayer, Mason27-361:1 ; 1:4Outline
Bricklayer Mason  & Plasterer481:1 ; 1;4Outline
Building Maintenance Mechanic241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Business Operations AssociateCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Cabinetmaker32-481:1 ; 1:3Outline
Calibration Technician (Electrical/Electronic)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Carpenter32-481:1 ; 1:4Outline
CarpenterHybrid1:1 ; 1:4Outline
Carpenter (Heavy/Highway)361:1 ; 1:4Outline
Carpenter (Pile Driver/Dockbuilder)32-481:1 ; 1:4Outline
Carpenter (Residential)321:1 ; 1:3Outline
Cement Finisher or Cement Mason27-361:1 ; 1:4Outline
Centerless Grinder Machinist241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Central Sterile Processing TechnicianCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Certified Nursing AssistantCompetency1:1; 1:1Outline
Certified Recovery Peer AdvocateCompetency1:1; 1:1Outline
Chemical Laboratory Technician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Childcare Assistant Competency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Childcare Assistant Hybrid1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Childcare Assistant 211:1 ; 1:1Outline
Cloud Engineer121:1 ; 1.1Outline
Cloud EngineerCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Computer Support Technician121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Construction Manager421:1 ; 1:1Outline
Continuous Improvement Associate241:1 ; 1:1Outline
CNC Sawyer151:1 ; 1:1Outline
CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Compositor481:1 ; 1:1 
Community Health WorkerHybrid1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Computer Support Technician Competency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
CookCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Cook241:1, 1:1Outline
Cook (Chef)361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Counseling Aide (HIV/AIDS)121:1 ; 1:1 
Counseling Aide I (Social Living Skills)121:1 ; 1:1 
Counseling Aide II (Social Living Skills)121:1 ; 1:1 
Dairy Processor361:1; 1:1Outline
Dairy Specialist361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Data AnalystCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Dental Office Assistant121:1; 1:1Outline
Design Drafter (Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic)601:1 ; 1:1Outline
Diesel Engine Mechanic361:1 ; 1:3Outline
Direct Support Professional Competency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Direct Support Professional (DSP) Supervisor121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Direct Support Professional18-241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Drafter (Architectural)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Drafter (Automotive Product Design)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Drafter (Mechanical)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Drafter (Structural)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Drafter (Tool Design)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Dry Wall Taper (Finisher)361:1 ; 1:3Outline
Early Childhood Associate211:1 ; 1:1 
Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) - Wire and Sinker Programmer / Operator481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Electrical (Outside) Line Worker421:1 ; 1:2Outline
Electrical Maintenance Technician601:1 ; 1:3Outline
Electrical Utility Operator481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Electrician601;1 ; 1:3Outline
Electrician (Housewire or Residential)361:1 ; 1:3Outline
Electro-Mechanical Technician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Electronics Mechanic (CNC Systems Maintenance)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Electronics Technician (Manufacturing Only)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Elevator Servicer and Repairer481:1 ; 1:2Outline
Elevator / Escalator Constructor & ModernizerHybrid1:1 ; 1:2Outline
Elevator / Escalator Constructor & Modernizer481:1 ; 1:2Outline
Energy Efficiency Technician121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Environmental Literacy Instructor121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Fiber Optic Calibration Technician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Financial Services RepresentativeCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Fire Fighter361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Fire Fighter / EMT421:1 ; 1:1Outline
Fitness Instructor121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Furnisher Finisher (Painter)361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Glazier361:1 ; 1:3Outline
Graphic Arts Technician361:1 ; 1:1 
Groundskeeper241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Hazardous Material Removal Worker241:1 ; 1:4Outline
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Mechanic481:1 ; 1:3Outline
Hospital (Medical) CoderCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Housekeeper (Commercial, Residential, Industrial)121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Human Resources Associate241:1 ; 1.1Outline
Human Resources AssociateCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Industrial Equipment Wirer & Assembler481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Industrial Machinery Mechanic481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Industrial Manufacturing Technician161:1 ; 1:1Outline
Industrial Truck Mechanic361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Instructor/Trainer (Information Technology)Competency1:1; 1:1Outline
Instrument Electrical Mechanic451:1 ; 1:1Outline
Instrument / Rodperson361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Instrument Mechanic481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Instrument Technician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Insulation & Asbestos Worker481:1 ; 1:3Outline
Iron Worker (Outside)36-481:1 ; 1:4Outline
Iron Worker (Stone Derrickman & Rigger)361:1 ; 1:4Outline
Junior AccountantCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Junior Accountant241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Landscape Nursery Manager481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Lather (Carpenter)36-481:1 ; 1:4Outline
Lather (Wood, Wire & Metal)481:1 ; 1:3Outline
Library Assistant121:1 ; 1:1 
Linoleum, Resilient Tile & Carpet Layer36-511:1 ; 1:3Outline
Linoleum, Resilient Tile & Carpet Layer Hybrid1:1 ; 1:3Outline
Lithographic Press Operator (3 Year)36 & 481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Locksmith481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Machine Builder481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Machine Repairer481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Machine Tool Builder601:1 : 1:1Outline
Machinist481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Machinist (CNC)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Maintenance Machinist48 & 601:1 ; 1:1

Outline (4 Years)

Outline (5 Years)

Maintenance Mechanic (Automatic Equipment)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Manufacturing Engineering Technician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Marble Carver, Cutter and Setter481:1 ; 1:4Outline
Marine Services Technician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Marketing Coordinator181:1 ; 1.1Outline
Marketing CoordinatorCompetency1:1; 1:1Outline
Medical Assistant121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Metal Refinisher361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Metal Stamping Press Operator361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Micro-Computer Repair Technician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Millwright31-481:1 ; 1:4Outline
Model Maker481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Model Maker (Rapid Prototype Technician)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Mold Maker, Die-Casting & Plastic Molding481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Moldmaker481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Motor Boat Mechanic - Inboard/Outboard241:1 ; 1:1 
Multi-Story Window & Building Surface Cleaner181:1 ; 1:1Outline
Narrow Web Flexographic Press Operator481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Network AdministratorCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Network Administrator121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Network EngineerCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Network Engineer121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Offset Lithographic Press Operator481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Operating Engineer (Grade & Paving Equipment)24-381:1 ; 1:5Outline
Operating Engineer (Heavy Equipment)361:1 ; 1:5Outline
Operating Engineer (Universal Equipment)25-361:1 ; 1:5Outline
Ornamental Iron Worker361:1 ; 1:4Outline
Outsourcing (Compounding) Pharmacy Technician Competency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Packer Mechanic601:1 ; 1:1Outline
Painter & Decorator361:1 ; 1:3Outline
Painter & Decorator (Structural Steel Bridges)361:1 ; 1:3Outline
Painter, Decorator & Paperhanger361:1 ; 1:3Outline
Paperhanger361:1 ; 1:4Outline
Patternmaker (Wood)601:1 ; 1:1Outline
Pharmacy Associate Competency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Pipefitter601:1 ; 1:3Outline
Piano BuilderHybrid1:1, 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Boilermaker481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Carpenter481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Electrician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Electrician/Mechanic481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Mechanic (4 Year)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Mechanic (3 Year)361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Millwright481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Pipefitter481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Plumber and Steamfitter601:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Refrigerator / AC481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plant Maintenance - Sheet Metal Worker481:1 ; 1:1 
Plant Maintenance - Welder481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plasterer29-361:1 ; 1:3Outline
Plastic Process Technician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plastics Molder361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Plumber601:1 ; 1:3Outline
Plumber (Pump and Tank)481:1 ; 1:4Outline
Plumber (Residential)601:1 ; 1:3Outline
Plumber and Pipefitter541:1 ; 1:3Outline
Plumber and Steamfitter51-601:1 ; 1:3Outline
Pointer, Caulker & Cleaner361:1 ; 1:4Outline
Police Officer241:1 ; 1:1 
Pottery Studio Manager121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Precision Imaging/Nanolithography Technician241:1; 1:1Outline
Precision Optics Manufacturing Technician361:1 ; 1:1Outline
Precision TIG (GTAW) Welder121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Project ManagerCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Project Manager121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Quality Assurance Auditor241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Quality Assurance AuditorCompetency1:1; 1:1Outline
Radiation Protection Technician481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic481:1 ; 1:3Outline
Roofer361:1 ; 1:2Outline
Sales Associate (Financial Services)Competency1:1; 1:1Outline
Scenic Artist361:1 ; 1:5Outline
School Safety Agent241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Screw Machine Set-Up & Operator - Multiple481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Security AnalystCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Security Analyst121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Sheet Metal Worker48-601:1 ; 1:3Outline
Sheet Metal Worker (Iron Plate)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Sheet Metal Worker (Sign Hanger/Rig)601:1 ; 1:3Outline
Site Safety Manager241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Skilled Construction Craft Laborer241:1 ; 1:3Outline
Small Gas Engine & Equipment Mechanic241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Software Developer121:1 ; 1:1Outline
Software DeveloperCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Sprinkler Fitter601:1 ; 1:2Outline
Stationary Engineer481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Steamfitter51-601:1 ; 1:3Outline
Stone Mason361:1 ; 1:2Outline
Systems EngineerCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Systems Engineer121:1 ; 1:1Outline
TeacherCompetency1:1 ; 1:1Outline
Teacher Aide (Facility)121:1 ; 1:1 
Teacher Assistant241:1 ; 2:1Outline
Technical Sales RepresentativeCompetency1:1; 1:1Outline
Terrazzo Worker361:1 ; 1:4Outline
Tile Setter36-481:1 ; 1:4Outline
Tile Setter (3 Year)27-361:1 ; 1:4Outline
Tile, Marble & Terrazzo Finisher241:1 ; 1:4Outline
Tool & Die Maker481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Toolmaker481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Truck Driver, Heavy121:1 ; 1:1Outline
UI/UX DesignerCompetency1:1; 1:1Outline
Vacuum Furnace Technician (Manufacturing Only)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Visual and Graphic Arts AssociateCompetency1:1; 1:1Outline
Water Systems Operation Specialist241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Wastewater Systems Operation Specialist241:1 ; 1:1Outline
Welder (Industrial)481:1 ; 1:1Outline
Welder (Maintenance)481:1 ; 1:1 
Workforce Development Specialist121:1 ; 1.1Outline


*Ratios are established to ensure the proper safety, training and supervision of apprentices. A ratio establishes the number of journeyworkers required for each apprentice in a program and on a job site. Ratios are interpreted as follows: in the case of a 1:1, 1:4, there must be one journeyworker for the first apprentice, and four additional journeyworkers for each subsequent apprentice.

Changes of Approach

There are three approaches programs may use to train apprentices: Time-Based, Competency-Based, and Hybrid.

Programs requesting a change of approach are posted for a minimum of 30 calendar days to solicit public comments. During this time, any member of the public can submit comments. Comments received will be posted on the Department’s website at the end of the 30 day period.


Trades Under Review

PostedPublic Comments DueTradeSponsorExisting ApproachProposed Change of ApproachPublic Comments
3/8/20244/7/2024Data AnalystMultiverseCompetencyTime-Based 


Trades Pending Approval

New Trade Applications are posted for a minimum of 30 calendar days to solicit public comments. During this time, any member of the public can submit comments. Comments received will be posted on the Department’s website at the end of the 30 day period.

Trades Under Review
PostedPublic Comments DuePublic CommentsTradeRatioSponsor
4/12/20245/12/2024 Coordinator (Trade Shows, Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, & Meetings)1:1; 1:1Exhibitions and Events Workforce Development Federation, Inc.
2/15/20243/16/2024 Underwater Instructor1:1; 1:1SuperDive Scuba, Inc.








Trade Reactivations Pending Approval

A trade being considered for reactivation is a trade that has had no sponsor for a period of time. Trade reactivations are posted for a minimum of 30 calendar days to solicit public comments. During this time, any member of the public can submit comments. Comments received will be posted on the Department's website at the end of the 30-day period.

Trade Reactivations Under Review
Posted Public Comments Due Public Comments Trade Sponsor
No data available in table


Trade Updates

We post trade updates to advise the public of changes made to existing trades. Updates may consist of changes to current outlines or the inclusion of "green" components. Trade updates are posted for a minimum of 30 calendar days to advise the public of changes made to existing trades and to solicit public comments. During this time, any member of the public can submit comments. Comments received will be posted on the Department’s website at the end of the 30 day period.

How To Submit Comments

Please include the appropriate subject line related to your comments whether contacting the office via email or traditional postal mail.

Changes of Approach

Attention: Comments on Change of Approach

Trades Pending Approval

Attention: Comments on New Trade

Trade Reactivations Pending Approval

Attention: Comments on Trade Reactivation

Trade Updates

Attention: Comments on Trade Outline Update

The content of your submission must include: (1) Name, (2) Title, (3) Organization Name, (4) Comments.

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