What Should I Expect After Filing?

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After you submit your claim, there is no need to call us. We will send you emails and text messages as your claim moves through the approval process. You may be asked to verify your identity through ID.me. During this time you must continue to certify for benefits for all weeks you are unemployed and eligible for benefits. 

You should respond to any questionnaires, messages, or phone calls from us as quickly as possible. Failure to do so will delay your claim or result in the denial or suspension of your benefits. 

Once your claim has been processed and reviewed you will receive a Monetary Determination letter in the mail (which will be sent to the address that was provided on your application). This letter will tell you if you are qualified to receive unemployment benefits and how much you will receive weekly. You will also get a message from the DOL. 

If you are eligible, It typically takes 3-6 weeks to begin receiving UI benefits. Complex claims, claims missing information, claims being adjudicated, and hearings will take longer. Before receiving benefits on a new UI claim, you must serve an unpaid waiting period that equals one full week (four days) of benefits. The waiting period extends into the next week if you work during the week you filed your claim for or if you do not serve an entire waiting period.

You can access your weekly benefit payment information from your NY.gov account. You can see the status of your payments, by logging into your account, clicking on "Unemployment Services" and select "View Payment History". You will be able to see if your payments have been released, once payments are released you should typically see your payments in your bank account or debit card within 3 days.


**For more information please visit our "What to Do and Expect" section on our Certify for Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits webpage.