Unemployment Insurance Rate Information

Current 2022 Employer Contribution Rate

NOTE: On January 14, 2021, New York State Department of Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon ordered that employers’ UI accounts will not be charged for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits paid during much of the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequently, former Governor Cuomo signed legislation that further ensured the relief to employers of UI experience rating charges related to the COVID-19 pandemic continue through December 31, 2021. These actions ease the burden on both contributory and non-contributory (reimbursable) employers. For more information, please see the UI Experience Rating Charges fact sheet. 

General information about contribution rates:

The Department of Labor mails employers UI rate notices in March of every year.

For 2022, the range of New York State Unemployment Insurance UI contribution rates is as follows:


NYS Unemployment Insurance Total UI Contribution Rates
  UI Rate * RSF ** Total
Lowest rate: 2.025% 0.075% 2.1%
New Employer rate: 4.025% 0.075% 4.1%
Highest rate: 9.825% 0.075% 9.9%


Size of Fund Index Column: less than 0%

For 2022, the new employer normal contribution rate is 3.4%.

General Account Balance: Less than $0

* The Unemployment Insurance contribution rate is the normal rate PLUS the subsidiary rate. Use this rate to calculate line #4 on the Quarterly Combined Withholding; Wage Reporting and Unemployment Insurance Report NYS 45.

See experience rating contribution rates


** Re-employment Services Fund rate is 0.075% and applies to all contributory accounts. Use this to calculate line #5 on the NYS 45.

Re-employment Services Fund