SIDES E-Response for Business

SIDES E-Response

SIDES E-Response is for employers with a limited number of Unemployment Insurance information exchanges. It allows them to enter their information through a secure website.

  • Small third-party administrators (TPAs) cannot use the E-Response system in New York State at this time.
  • New York State is only using E-Response for Monetary and Separation issues.
  • Continue to visit this web page for information about future enhancement of SIDES and E-Response in New York State.

Employers participating in SIDES E-Response will receive a request for Unemployment Insurance information by secure e-mail. The request will include an authorization code that permits the employer to log on to SIDES E-Response and enter the requested information in a standard format.

SIDES E-Response only requires a working Internet connection and an employee who will enter the requested Unemployment Insurance information. No programming is required. There is no cost to use SIDES E-Response.

For more information, see the SIDES E-Response fact sheet prepared by NASWA/CESER.

You may also wish to read the user guides below, which were prepared by NASWA.

E-Response User Guides


    E-Response - Separation Information User Guide

    This guide provides step-by-step direction for responding to requests for information about the reasons that a former worker was separated from employment, including samples of the screens that you will see when you log in to E-Response and enter information related to a specific claim/individual.



How do I sign up for SIDES E-Response?

Signing up for SIDES E-Response is easy. There are just two steps:

  1. If you do not have an Unemployment Insurance Online Services account, create one by going to our Online Services for Employers web page. If you have an existing Department of Taxation and Finance Online Services account, you can upgrade that account by following the directions on our Online Services for Employers web page, which explain how to use that account for Unemployment Insurance Online Services. Note that your Online Services account gives you other benefits, including access to your Unemployment Insurance account information, the ability to file quarterly returns online, a secure way to communicate with the Department of Labor, and more.
  2. Call 1-888-899-8810 and choose Option 2, then Option 4. A representative will review your account and sign you up for E-Response.

How will I be notified of a request? How do I respond?

Whenever a former employee applies for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you will receive an electronic SIDES message through your Unemployment Insurance Online Services account. A separate e-mail will be sent to your e-mail account to let you know that you have an urgent message waiting. Sign in to your account and check your message. The message will contain a link, a PIN, and other important information about your former worker’s application for benefits. Click on the link, sign in to the SIDES system, and respond appropriately.

Need help?

  • For questions regarding creating an Unemployment Insurance Online Services (UIOS) account, or help regarding a UIOS account, call 1-800-833-3000.
  • To enroll in SIDES E-Response after creating a UIOS account, call 1-888-899-8810 and choose Option 2, then Option 4.
  • For questions regarding a claim on your account, not related to the online web services, call 1-888-890-5090.