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At New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL), the employee experience is a high priority. Our organizational values of Integrity and TrustCustomer ServiceCommunicationInnovation, and Equity, guide our work, shape our internal practices, and inspire us to do better each day. As our guiding principles, these values help us move with purpose and direction as we strive to do better for our customers and ourselves.


2023 marked the beginning of several employee-focused initiatives that have made a strong and positive impact on our workforce. Through engagement surveys, all-staff virtual town halls, the development of employee resource groups, a DOL online store, professional learning opportunities for all staff through Coursera, a formal recognition program, and the launch of our Department of Labor intranet—DOLi—employees have been shown they are valued and that our leadership team will always strive to make NYSDOL the best of places to work.


You have many choices in employers, but it’s nice to know what you can expect from your work environment ahead of time. Here at NYSDOL, you truly are a part of the family.  


Our Mission

Your DOL’s mission is to provide outstanding services to our customers - the workers and businesses that call New York home. We help New Yorkers find the careers they will love by connecting them to employment, training, and up-skilling opportunities. We build and support New York’s businesses, helping them find qualified workers and keeping them informed about tools and incentives to make their businesses thrive. We empower and protect New York’s workers by supporting the unemployed and by ensuring all workers have a safe workplace where they receive a fair wage. 



Work/Life Balance


The benefits available to DOL employees include: 

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  • Generous time off 

  • Telework eligibility 

  • Comprehensive healthcare options 

  • Membership in the NYS Retirement System 

  • Flexible spending account options  

  • An employee assistance program 

  • Employee resource groups 

  • Employee recognition 

  • A dynamic staff intranet that unites our over 3,000 employees 

  • Free college benefits (Union Specific)

  • 12 Weeks of paid maternity leave (M/C Employees)

  • Transfer opportunities throughout New York State

  • Not only does DOL put every effort into maintaining their employees through promotion and permanent appointment, but when temporary positions are necessary, DOL offers something other NYS agencies do not. Currently, NYSDOL is the only NYS agency where temporary CSEA/MC designated employees are immediately time and attendance eligible and can begin using their personal and sick accruals immediately upon hire. 
  • DOL also offers employees appointed to traineeships the opportunity to fast-track and complete a 2-year traineeship in 18 months, if specific benchmarks are met. 
  • An employee’s individual professional growth is of the utmost importance. DOL offers the entire Coursera catalog to every employee for free. The options are limitless and cover various topics from foreign language to time management. DOL provides employees the option to designate 2 hours from each pay period to access these classes during the work week.
Are you a College Student Interested in a Career in Public Service?
NYSDOL internships create a pathway into rewarding careers in public service. The program provides interns with opportunities to gain valuable experience, interact with government leaders and policy makers, perform rewarding and meaningful work, and to receive academic credit toward their degrees.

Launched in 2022, NYSDOL’s internship program offers students a comprehensive glimpse into various roles involved in safeguarding New York’s workforce
One Agency, Numerous Career Opportunities 

Here at NYSDOL, your career options are strong. Apply your skills to our talented Communications Team. Help job seekers find their own perfect fit at one of our Division of Employment and Workforce Solutions Career Centers. Keep New York’s workforce safe as a member of our Worker Protection division. Share your knowledge of numbers on our Policy, Strategy and Research division. Assist workers who become unemployed by joining our Unemployment Insurance division. And there’s so much more you could do here at NYSDOL!


Department of Labor Highlights


  • In 2022, there were approximately 252 internal promotions
  • So far in 2023, there have been 97 promotions.


High Demand Titles
  • Employment Counselor 
  • Labor Services Representative Spanish Language 
  • Labor Services Representative Chinese Language
  • Tax Compliance Representative 1
  • Office Assistant 2 
  • Equal Opportunity Specialist 1 
  • Policy Advisor/Project Coordinator 


So now that you know…apply today and join our DOL family! 


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Transfer Opportunities

A transfer is the movement of a permanent competitive class employee from a position in one title to a position in a different title, or from a position in one agency to a position in another agency. Both positions must be within the competitive class. Transfers are voluntary and occur with the consent of the employee after nomination by the appointing agency and the approval of the Department of Civil Service. Approval by the agency from which the employee is transferring is not required in order for the transfer to occur.


Section 70.1 allows transfer without further examination from one title to another.


Section 70.4 allows transfer to a title that is not similar, but where the employee meets the qualifications for the title.


Section 52.6 allows transfer between administrative titles at the same or similar salary grade.