Interested in a Career in Public Service?


NYSDOL internships create a pathway into rewarding careers in public service. The program provides interns with opportunities to gain valuable experience, interact with government leaders and policy makers, perform rewarding and meaningful work, and to receive academic credit toward their degrees.

Launched in 2022, NYSDOL’s internship program offers students a comprehensive glimpse into various roles involved in safeguarding New York’s workforce

Those interested in participating in the Ed Vargas Internship Program should apply on the Department of Civil Service internship page.


When does the program run?

There are three sessions for interns; Summer, Fall, and Spring. 


Intern Application Submission Timeframe through the Civil Service Portal **

Hiring Timeframe **

Fall | Employment runs

July 1 – September 14

July 1 – September 30

Spring | Employment runs January - May

October 1 – December 15

October 1 – December 31

Summer | Employment runs July - September

January 1 – June 8

January 1 – June 30


*Session start and end dates vary depending on hiring dates. Students that are interested in the Internship program at DOL are encourage to apply early in the submission timeframe for their application to be reviewed.

**Above dates are not exact—please refer to the Civil Service site for specific deadlines. Internship Sessions (


Who Was Ed Vargas?

NYSDOL's internship program is dedicated to the legacy of Ed Vargas. Vargas was a passionate advocate for labor and his tenure as the Director of Labor Relations at NYSDOL, exemplified commitment, empathy, and a genuine desire to ensure every voice was heard. His life and work embodied the ideals of respect, equality, and unwavering dedication to the working class.

Among Vargas’s many accomplishments in his six years at NYSDOL, a standout was his pivotal role in the establishment of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Memorial, an enduring testament to the importance of worker's rights and safety. It stands as a reminder of the event's significant impact on labor reforms and Vargas's personal inspiration in his union endeavors.