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Immigrant Policies and Affairs

The Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs ensures that DOL services are made available to immigrant communities.
Immigrant Policies and Affairs
Our Mission

The Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs (DIPA) ensures that the services, programs, and protections of the Department of Labor (DOL) are available to all workers – including the large and growing group of people who move to New York from another country.

The immigrant and refugee population of New York State continues to grow. We see the opportunities with this influx of new Americans. We believe immigration is a boom to our economy, and a necessary input to New York businesses.

Our mission is to support and protect immigrants where necessary, help integrate immigrants into the economic fabric of the state, and support businesses with compliance and other services.

Foreign Labor Certification
H-2A & H-2B
The U.S. Office of Foreign Labor Certification permits employers to hire foreign workers on a temporary or permanent basis to fill jobs essential to the U.S. economy. The New York State Department of Labor's Foreign Labor Certification Unit (FLCU) has a role in the processing of H-2A (temporary agricultural jobs) and H-2B (temporary non-agricultural jobs) visa applications. Certification may be obtained to bring foreign workers into the U.S. when it is demonstrated that there are insufficient qualified U.S. workers available and willing to perform the work.
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Let Us Help You
The Department of Labor is often the first point of contact for immigrant, refugee, and limited English proficient workers or job seekers. We are also a point of contact for small businesses for information about the Labor Laws and being in compliance.
The New York State Monitor Advocate
The New York State Monitor Advocate monitors the DOL's employment services to Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers (MSFW) to ensure compliance with U.S. Department of Labor regulations.
Excluded Workers Fund
The Excluded Workers Fund (EWF) provides financial help to New Yorkers who lost income during the COVID-19 pandemic and were left out of various federal relief programs.