Excluded Workers Fund Outreach and Assistance Grant


After steadfast efforts by advocates and impacted communities across the state, Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature passed the Excluded Workers Fund (EWF), the first such large-scale program in the country on April 19, 2021. This $2.1 billion fund will bring COVID relief for New Yorkers who have suffered income loss during the pandemic and were left out of the various federal relief programs, including unemployment and pandemic benefits. New York State is seeking qualified Not-For-Profit (NFP) organizations across the state to support with grants to provide direct application assistance and outreach to inform workers about the EWF.

Grant Details

Agency New York State Department of Labor (DOL)
Estimated Funding Available Up to $10 Million
Award Floor $50,000
Award Ceiling $300,000
RFQ Release Date May 27 2021
Anticipated Award Date July 16, 2021
Submission Deadline June 25, 2021; No later than 4:00 pm ET


Application Requirements

The following are qualification requirements DOL will consider when reviewing responses from Not-for-Profit organizations (NFP):

  • Incorporation as an NFP continuously for at least the last year.
  • Compliance with NYS employer requirements including Unemployment Insurance, Worker’s Comp, and Disability coverage and required filings.
  • Registration and up to date with all filings with the NYS Office of the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau.
  • Registration and up to date with the NYS Comptroller’s VendRep System.
  • No bar from contracting with NYS or the federal government during the last five years.
  • Provision of direct services to EWP populations.
  • Cultural competency to have meaningful engagement with the community where it expects to work on this initiative.
  • Ability to fluently speak, read, and write in relevant languages.
  • Experience with other community engagement/volunteer-driven efforts.
  • Current work with EWF eligible populations.
  • Pre-qualification in Grants Gateway.
  • Submission of a preliminary Work Plan/service proposal and budget.

Eligible Activities

For a full list of eligible activities, please go to https://grantsmanagement.ny.gov/apply-grant. 
Examples of eligible activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct assistance with EWF application submission and preparation of required documents.
  • Development and dissemination of informational EWF educational materials.
  • Door-to-door educational visits/conversations.
  • Conducting live or virtual informational sessions about the EWF process; and more. 

Visit https://grantsmanagement.ny.gov/apply-grant for more

How To Apply

To apply for this grant, NFP’s will utilize Grants Gateway, which is a standardized statewide grant contracting system.

All NFPs are required to register and prequalify in this system in order to enter into a contract with NYS. All NFPs must log in to the Grants Gateway website at https://grantsmanagement.ny.gov/register-your-organization and follow the instructions to complete the registration.  

For assistance with the Grants Gateway website:

Excluded Worker Fund Outreach and Assistance Grant (EWF-OAG) - RFQ

NYS is seeking qualified Not-For-Profit (NFP) organizations to serve as trusted messengers and helpers within communities with high concentrations of excluded workers. The New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) is making up to $10,000,000 in funding available under Excluded Workers Fund Outreach and Assistance Grant (EWF-OAG) Request for Qualifications (RFQ). In addition to outreach and direct assistance, NFPs may also provide additional services to community members who are not eligible to receive Excluded Worker funds, or ancillary services (e.g., financial literacy counseling) necessary to assist participants who receive funds. In accordance with Section 4 of Part EEE of Chapter 59 of the LAWS of 2021, contracts awarded following this RFQ will be awarded on a noncompetitive basis in order to expedite outreach and other services to such individuals that have been enduring the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic without relief.