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Local Workforce Development Boards

New York State's Local Workforce Development Boards (LWDB's) serve as the backbone of the statewide workforce development system. Local boards develop strategic plans to match employers with qualified candidates and deliver skill-based programs to job-seekers through One-Stop Career Centers. By leveraging labor market insight with community resources, LWDB's are committed to improving the workforce and economic landscape across New York State. With a total of 33 local boards throughout New York, communities can be assured that they are receiving unique attention on all matters pertaining to workforce and economic development.


Templates, Reports and Documents
Resources for Local Workforce Boards
Search through our archive of board allocations, local MOU's, planning templates, and WIOA annual reports.
Who Can Be a Board Member?
Local Board Appointment Criteria
Business Representation

Business representation includes owners, chief executives or operating officers of organizations which provide opportunities such as high-quality training in high-demand industries or sectors.

Workforce Representation

Representatives of Labor, Youth and Community-Based Organizations, as well as Apprenticeship Programs, account for Workforce Representation on Local Workforce Development Boards.

Additional Representation

Representatives of programs related to Adult Education & Literacy, Higher Education, Economic & Community Development, Wagner-Peyser, Vocational Rehabilitation and more.

State Workforce Investment Board