An African American male college professor gestures while giving a lecture to a group of college students.

Why Go to School?

Studies show that workers with college education tend to make more than workers without it. Refer to the following charts to see the average earnings for workers with different levels of education.

Level of Education Unemployment Rate in 2020 Median Weekly Earnings in 2020
Master's Degree or Higher 5.1% $1,730
Bachelor's Degree 7.7% $1,350
Associate Degree 8.0% $960
Some College 11.7% $961
High School Diploma/GED 11.8% $769
Less than High School 15.6% $650


Unemployment rates and weekly earnings (full-time wage and salary workers) age 25 and over by educational attainment, New York, 2020

Source: Current Population Survey


Chart with data showing that workers with college education earn more than workers without college education