WARN Notices

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification
2024 WARN Notices

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Company NameRegionDate PostedNotice Dated
Devos, LTD d/b/a Guaranteed ReturnsLong Island5/17/20242/29/2024 (Amended 5/17/2024)
Ampla Technologies, Inc.New York City5/16/20245/15/2024
Barlow & Sons Inc.New York City5/16/20244/30/2024
Parsons CorporationNew York City5/15/20243/8/2024 (Amended 5/15/2024)
Ted Baker Canada, Inc. dba Ted Baker North AmericaNew York City5/15/20245/10/2024
CVS Health d/b/a Omnicare of New HartfordMohawk Valley5/15/20245/14/2024
Tesla, Inc.Western5/14/20245/13/2024
Tesla, Inc.Western5/9/20245/7/2024
Parsons CorporationNew York City5/9/20241/26/2024 (Amended 5/9/2024)
Huntington Ingalls Incorporated’s Newport News Shipbuilding Division (NNS)Capital5/9/20242/2/2024 (Amended 5/7/2024)
Wells CollegeCentral5/8/20244/29/2024
NordstromNew York City5/8/20245/1/2024
Trego/Dugan Aviation of Grand Island, Inc. d/b/a Trego/Dugan AviationCentral5/8/20245/6/2024
Tesla, Inc.Western5/7/20245/3/2024
DOTC Delivery, LLC.New York City5/3/20244/29/2024
Velan Studios Inc.Capital5/3/202403/19/2024 (Amended 5/3/2024)
The Arena Group Holdings, Inc.New York City5/2/20241/23/2024 (Amended 5/1/2024)
Tesla, Inc.Western5/1/20244/29/2024
Sam Ash New York Megastores, LLC d/b/a Sam Ash Music Corporation; Sam Ash Quikship Corp; Sam Ash Music Marketing, LLC; Samson Technologies Corp.Long Island4/29/20244/24/2024
ACCO Brands USA, LLC.Southern Tier4/29/20241/24/2024
(Amended 4/26/24)
ARS Portfolio Services LLC (AUTO LLC d/b/a defi SOLUTIONS)Western4/26/20244/23/2024
United Helpers Assisted Living ProgramNorth Country4/26/20242/7/2024
Comfortex Corporation dba Hunter Douglas Inc. Capital4/24/20244/23/2024
Parsons CorporationNew York City4/25/20244/25/2024
Obvio Health USA, Inc.New York City4/23/20244/18/2024
Express, LLC and Express Fashion Operations, LLCNew York City4/23/20244/21/2024
Paramount GlobalNew York City4/19/20242/13/2024 (Amended 4/11/2024 and 4/17/2024)
Publishers Clearing House, LLCLong Island4/19/20244/15/2024
Tesla, Inc.Western4/17/20244/16/2024
Compass Group USA d/b/a BenchConnectNew York City4/16/20244/2/2024
Huntington Ingalls Incorporated's Newport News Shipbuilding Division (NNS)Capital4/11/20242/2/2024
(Amended 4/8/2024)
Volta Inc. and Volta Charging Industries, LLC (Shell USA, Inc.’s)Hudson Valley, Long Island, Southern Tier, and New York City 4/5/20243/29/2024
NoHo Health, Inc. d/b/a Care/OfNew York City4/3/20244/3/2024
St. John's UniversityNew York City4/2/20244/2/2024
Acorda Therapeutics Inc.Hudson Valley4/2/20244/2/2024
Cardinal McCloskey Community Services - Head Start ProgramsNew York City4/2/20243/26/2024
Marquardt Switches, Inc.Mohawk Valley4/2/20243/25/2024  (Amended 4/1/2024)
Citishare, CorpNew York City4/1/20243/30/2024
Citibank, N.A.New York City4/1/20243/30/2024
Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.New York City4/1/20243/30/2024
Citigroup Technology, Inc.New York City4/1/20243/30/2024
The College of Saint RoseCapital4/1/20242/15/2024 (Amended 3/22/2024)
The Arena Group Holdings, Inc.New York City3/29/20241/23/2024 (Amended 3/27/2024)
Wineshipping.com, LLCHudson Valley3/29/20243/27/2024
Our Lady of Mercy AcademyLong Island3/28/20243/26/2024
Parsons CorporationNew York City3/28/20243/28/2024
First Transit, Inc. a subsidiary of Transdev, North America Inc.Western3/27/20243/21/2024
Aspen ML, LLC. d/b/a Aspen CapitalNew York City3/27/20243/25/2024
United Parcel Service, Inc.New York City3/27/20243/22/2024
Marquardt Switches, Inc.Mohawk Valley3/27/20243/25/2024
Bionano Genomics, Inc.New York City / Capital3/26/20243/22/2024
The Arena Group Holdings, Inc.New York City3/21/20241/23/2024 (Amended 3/14/2024)
Council on the Environment, Inc. d/b/a GrowNYCNew York City3/21/202412/20/2023
(Amended 3/20/2024)
Velan Studios Inc. Capital03/20/202403/19/2024
API Heat Transfer Inc. d/b/a AirtechFinger Lakes3/20/202412/5/2023
(Amended 3/20/2024)
K & H Medical, PLLC d/b/a Mobile Vascular PhysiciansLong Island & New York City3/19/20243/13/2024
Vascular Management Consultants, LLC and K&H Medical, PLLCLong Island & New York City3/19/20243/13/2024
The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation d/b/a BNY MellonMohawk Valley 3/13/20243/11/2024
GRO Intelligence, Inc.New York City3/13/20243/11/2024
Elementis SRL, Inc.Hudson Valley3/12/20243/6/2024
Parsons CorporationNew York City3/8/20243/8/2024
UL, LLC d/b/a UL SolutionsLong Island3/8/20243/7/2024
Council on the Environment, Inc. d/b/a GrowNYCNew York City3/8/202412/20/2023 (Amended 3/7/2024)
Paramount GlobalNew York City3/5/20242/13/2024 (Amended 3/4/2024)
Buth-Na-Bodhaige, Inc. d/b/a The Body ShopNew York City3/4/20243/1/2024
Devos, LTD d/b/a Guaranteed ReturnsLong Island3/1/20242/29/2024
RemArms LLCMohawk Valley12/1/202311/30/2023
(Amended) 2/29/2024
Aurora Solar, IncNew York City 2/29/20241/29/2024
Council on the Environment, Inc. d/b/a GrowNYCNew York City2/28/202412/20/2023
(Amended 2/20/2024)
Nordstrom, Inc. d/b/a Jeannies Burger BarNew York City2/27/20242/20/2024
Vice Media Acquisition, LLC. d/b/a Vice Media GroupNew York City2/27/20242/26/2024
Citigroup Technologies, Inc.New York City2/27/20242/26/2024
Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.New York City2/27/20242/26/2024
Citibank, N.A.New York City2/27/20242/26/2024
StratFS, LLC (fka Strategic Financial Solutions, (fka Pioneer Client Services, LLC); Strategic Consulting, LLC; and Strategic CS, LLC LLC), Strategic Client Support, LLCWestern and New York City2/16/20242/8/2024
(Amended  2/24/2024)
Zena Delivery & Logistics, LLC.Hudson Valley2/22/20242/20/2024
Block, Inc.New York City2/22/20241/30/2024
Gem Rehab PT, OT, SLP, PLLCMultiple2/21/20242/20/2024
Paramount GlobalNew York City2/20/20242/13/2024
SDH Education West LLC. at The College of Saint RoseCapital2/20/20242/15/2024
RHI Services and Redesign HealthNew York City2/20/20242/13/2024
Crane Stationery LLCCapital2/20/20242/12/2024
The College of Saint RoseCapital2/16/20242/15/2024
Corning IncorporatedSouthern Tier2/15/20242/14/2024
StratFS, LLC (fka Strategic Financial Solutions, (f/k/a Pioneer Client Services, LLC); Strategic Consulting, LLC; and Strategic CS, LLC LLC), Strategic Client Support, LLCWestern / New York City2/15/20242/8/2024
Sky Chefs, Inc. d/b/a LSG Sky ChefsNew York City2/13/20242/5/2024
Sparus Holdings, LLC. & Southern Cross, LLC.Hudson Valley2/13/20242/5/2024
United Parcel Services, Inc. (OH) d/b/a UPSNew York City2/12/20242/9/2024
Comedy Technologies, Inc. d/b/a IMGN MediaNew York City2/9/20242/8/2024
Conduent State & Local Solutions, IncSouthern Tier & New York City2/9/20231/23/2024 (Amended 2/8/2024)
Navient BPO LLCFinger Lakes, Southern Tier2/7/20242/5/2024
Parsons CorporationNew York City2/5/20241/26/2024
JAF Communications, Inc. d/b/a The MessengerNew York City2/5/20241/31/2024
Newport News Shipbuilding  Capital2/2/20242/2/2024
DKP Buffalo, LLCWestern2/2/2024`1/19/2024
OrthopedicsNY, LLPCapital2/2/20242/1/2024
Maximus Human Services, Inc.New York City2/1/20241/5/2024
Los Angeles Times Communications, LLCNew York City 2/1/20241/23/2024
Conduent State & Local Solutions Southern Tier 1/31/20241/24/2024
The Arena Group Holding, Inc. New York City 1/31/20241/23/2024
Urnex Brands, LLC, D.B.A. Purpose Built BrandsHudson Valley1/31/202412/13/2023 (Amended 1/22/2024)
ACCO Brands USA, LLCSouthern Tier1/30/20241/24/2024
Thinx, Inc.New York City1/30/20241/30/2024
Brookfield Properties USA II LLCNew York City1/29/20241/23/2024
Brookfield Properties FC USA II LLCNew York City1/26/20241/23/2024
Cygnus Home Service, LLC, d/b/a YellohFinger Lakes1/26/202412/11/2023
Corning IncorporatedSouthern Tier1/25/20241/19/2024
Lenco Diagnostic LaboratoriesNew York City, Long Island1/24/20241/15/2024
Lost Boys InteractiveNew York City1/23/20241/11/2024
GoogleNew York City1/23/20241/22/2024
WestRockLong Island1/22/20249/19/2023 (Amended 1/19/2024)
Fluor Corporation, Fluor Enterprises, Inc.; Fluor Industrial Services, Inc.Hudson Valley1/22/20241/12/2024
Quad Graphics, Inc.Capital1/19/20241/19/2024
Satur Farms LLCLong Island1/19/20241/9/2024
MBJ Cafeteria Corp.New York City1/16/202412/7/2023
HMSHost – LaGuardia Airport Concourse ANew York City1/10/202412/15/2023
BPA International Inc.Long Island1/10/20241/8/2024
Council on the Environment, Inc. d/b/a GrowNYCNew York City1/5/202412/8/2023 (Rescinded 1/4/2024)
Firstlocum Inc. d/b/a DirectShiftsNew York City1/2/202412/31/2023
TouchPoint Support Services, LLCSouthern Tier1/2/202412/19/2023


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