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WARN For Businesses


The New York State Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act requires covered businesses to provide early warnings of closures and layoffs to all affected employees, employee representatives, the Department of Labor, and Local Workforce Development Boards.

Additionally, businesses must also give notice to the following entities where the site of employment is located:

  • The chief elected official of the unit or units of local government
  • The school district or districts where the site of employment is located, and
  • Each locality that provides police, firefighting, emergency medical or ambulance services, or other emergency services, to the locale where the site of employment is located

This advanced notice gives employees, their families, and communities time to transition, seek new employment, enter workforce training programs with assistance from the Department of Labor and Local Workforce Development Boards.

If an unexpected event caused your business to close, please provide notice as soon as possible and provide as much information as possible to the Department of Labor when you file your notice about the circumstances of your closure so we can determine if an exception to the WARN Act applies to your situation.


    WARN ACT Fact Sheet

    The State WARN Act strengthens the provisions of the Federal WARN Act of 1989. New York has established more strict WARN laws at the state level.



Can Shared Work Help You?

Before you file the WARN, can the Shared Work program help your business? The Shared Work program is designed to help employers manage business cycles and seasonal adjustments while helping to spare their workers the hardships of full unemployment. Learn more at

WARN Notice Filing Instructions

Be sure and review these instructions before submitting notices to the WARN Portal.

WARN Notice Filing Instructions

Submitting a New WARN Notice

The most efficient and recommended way to file a WARN submission is to use our newly developed WARN Submission Portal. The portal is accessed by using a personal account. If you do not have a personal account, you will need to create an account to access the portal. To learn more about, please visit Be sure to review our filing instructions before you get started to ensure you have everything you need.

If you are unable to utilize the WARN Portal, please email [email protected] for alternative WARN submission options.

Modifying a Previously Submitted WARN Notice

If you need modify or retract a previously submitted WARN notice, please email a letter on company letterhead that complies with NYS WARN regulations to [email protected].

Program Operation Contacts

Program Operation
Role Contact Person Phone Email
Statewide Rapid Response Coordinator

Regenna Darrah
New York State Department of Labor
Building 12
Harriman State Campus
Albany, New York 12226

518-457-1143 [email protected]
NYS WARN Coordinator Monty Henderson 518-486-9004 [email protected]
NYS WARN Unit     [email protected]
Statewide Trade Act Coordinator Aaron Heggen 518-457-2013
518-485-2577 (Fax)
[email protected]


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