Regulations known as 'Wage Orders' set certain requirements that are industry-specific. The rates contained in these Wage Orders may differ from the general Minimum Wage rate. 

Hospitality Industry/Fast Food Workers

Farm Workers

The Minimum Wage Order for Farm Workers applies only to farm workers employed on farms where the total cash remuneration paid all persons employed on the farm exceeded $3,000 in the previous calendar year.

The Minimum Wage Order for Farm Workers provides that all workers, with certain exceptions, receive the Minimum Wage as indicated in the chart above. This does not include members of the employer's immediate family.

As of January 1, 2020, farm workers: 

  • Are to be allowed at least 24 consecutive hours of rest in each calendar week.
  • Are entitled to overtime pay at 1 1/2 times their regular rate of pay for any hours worked over 60 in a calendar week.  This overtime pay also pertains to any hours worked on their designated day of rest.

The wage order permits employers to deduct specified allowances from the minimum wage for:

  • Meals
  • Lodging (except for seasonal migrant workers)

Payments in kind must cost no more than the farm market value.

Employers must post these items in a conspicuous place in their establishment:

  • The wage order summary
  • A copy of the general work agreement

Building Service Industry

Miscellaneous Industries

Non-Profit Organizations