What You Need to Know

Why is the NYS Department of Labor using DocuSign? 
The NYS Department of Labor (NYS DOL) is using DocuSign’s secure digital signature technology for a number of different processes, including backdated certifications, overpayment waivers, and more. If you receive an email from us via DocuSign, please fill out the form and send it in so that we can get you the benefits you are eligible for.


1099-G DocuSign: From September to December 2022, NYS DOL will send DocuSign emails to New Yorkers who will receive 1099-G tax forms for tax year 2022. The DocuSign email will provide information about accessing the 2022 1099-G tax form, which will become available in January 2023. New Yorkers who receive the DocuSign email should review it within two weeks of receipt. Learn more about DocuSign and the 1099-G process.

I Have Security Concerns

What should I look for to verify the notification via DocuSign?
Please check the following items to verify for the legitimacy of your notification via DocuSign:

  • All messages from the NYSDOL sent via DocuSign will be sent via [email protected]
  • The Reply-To email address for NYSDOL DocuSign has changed as of 3/25/22. It is now [email protected].
  • NYS DocuSign emails prior to 3/25/22 will have [email protected] listed as the Reply-To email address. 


Why am I being asked for my Personal Information?

We are asking for your personal information in this form to ensure that the correct individual is completing the information and so that we can process your payment faster once you complete the form we sent you via DocuSign. Please be assured that the DocuSign form is secure and that it is safe to provide your personal information.


Can I download or print a copy of the document(s) that I signed?

Yes. After you finish signing, NYSDOL via DocuSign will send you an email notification that includes a link to the completed document(s). Use the link in the email to view the document(s), where you can download a copy or print using the buttons at the top of the window.


I would prefer to fill out my document(s) in paper form.

Electronic is NYSDOL’s preferred method in order to get you your benefits as quickly as possible, but you can contact 1-888-209-8124 for more options.


I changed my mind. How do I decline e-Signature?

To decline a document, simply click the “Decline” option in the “Other Actions” drop-down menu. Next, specify a decline reason (if requested). It will reject the document and inform NYSDOL of the decline.

How Do I Use DocuSign?

How do I know what to do?

If you received the form, we also sent you an email in advance detailing the instructions and outlining what to look for. Please check your email & review that email before finishing the form we sent you via DocuSign.


Do I need to create a DocuSign account to sign my form?

No, you do not need to create a DocuSign account to sign or enter information into a document that has been sent to you.


When I click “Finish,” I stay on the same screen. How do I Finish?

  • Check for any required fields (outlined in red) which are not complete. If you click the “Next” or “Fill In” tab in the left margin of the signing screen, DocuSign will navigate you to any required fields or signatures you have yet to complete.
  • Make sure text is entered in the correct format. If you click “Finish” and DocuSign navigates you to a required field that is already filled in, hover your mouse over the field. If a note with red text appears, this means the text you entered is not in the correct format. Follow the instructions in red to format your text per the specifications.


Can I finish signing my document later?

Yes, you can finish the process later by clicking the “Other Actions” menu and selecting “Finish Later.”  Alternatively, you can just close the browser.  The document will not be completed until all required information is provided and the “Finish” button is clicked.


Does DocuSign work on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, DocuSign will work on both a smartphone and a tablet.


Can I start the e-Signature process on my laptop, but then finish it later on a mobile device? Or vice versa?

The DocuSign process can be completed on multiple devices and you can start on one device and complete the signing session on another.


I haven’t received my form via DocuSign?

If you are missing certifications and have not received an email yet, don’t be alarmed. We will continue to identify and reach out to individuals with missing weekly certifications to ensure that New Yorkers get all benefits they are eligible for. As a reminder, if we are sending you the form via DocuSign, we will also be sending you an email in advance outlining what to look for and what to do. Please keep an eye on your email.


I clicked the link but it says it has expired?

Do not be alarmed--that is for security purposes. NYSDOL will automatically send you a new email notification via DocuSign to access your individualized form.


The document is greyed out. Why can’t I see it clearly?

The document remains greyed out until you have consented to Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure to sign the document. You can still scroll up and down and review the information but the grey will remain until consent is given.


Who do I contact with questions?

If you have any questions about how to sign using DocuSign: refer to this FAQ guide or visit DocuSign’s support site here: https://support.docusign.com/

If you have any questions about the content of the document(s) you received, please contact NYSDOL at 1-888-209-8124.