Transportation & Commute Information

Arriving to work is half the job. Find out best practices and helpful tips for getting there safely and on time.
Transportation & Commute Information

Public Safety on Public Transportation

The Port Authority, MTA and DOT Public Transportation Bureau continue to put safety first, maintaining a consistent level of operational health across air, land, rail, and sea facilities. The efforts since the pandemic’s arrival more than a year ago have included rigorous policies aimed at keeping workers and travelers safe.

While CDC mask wearing guidelines have been amended, mask wearing rules for public transit remain in place in New York State. Travelers and public transit employees must continue to wear masks.

While riding public transportation, travelers are encouraged to wash their hands regularly (look for hand sanitizer in any state-run station), give themselves space if a car or train is full, and pay attention to social distancing signs in stations.

Getting to Work on Time

In New York, the MTA 24-hour subway service has resumed. Buses, subways, Metro-North Railroad, and Long Island Rail Road are running on a regular schedule. Review your local public transit website for updates on service and route availability.

Post-Pandemic Commuting Tips

  • Check your route – Just like pre-pandemic, public transportation schedules change. Refer to your local public transit website or app to ensure your route is running on time and subscribe to email or text updates.
  • Check with your employer – If you’re new to a job, ask your manager or HR department for recommendations on the best methods for getting to work and the closest transit stops to your workplace.
  • Check on commute alternatives – Does your employer offer working from home? How about an off-peak schedule? Is there a program to help you get to work at lower cost? Speak to your employer about options for workers who utilize public transportation for their commute.
  • Check for your mask – The CDC and New York State require plane, train, and bus travelers to wear masks, even if they’re vaccinated. Don’t walk out your door without grabbing your mask.