SIDES for TPA and Large Employer

SIDES is an integrated computer-to-computer interface designed for employers and third-party administrators (TPAs) that typically deal with a large volume of Unemployment Insurance information requests. SIDES is especially helpful to those employers and TPAs that operate in multiple states.

SIDES provides a nationally standardized format in which employers and TPAs can receive and easily respond to Unemployment Insurance information requests, attach documentation when needed, and receive a date-stamped confirmation of receipt.

Employers and TPAs that use SIDES are able to better anticipate and supply the data needed for Unemployment Insurance information requests. In return, using SIDES:

  • Reduces follow-up phone calls;
  • Helps prevent payments to those who don’t meet eligibility requirements;
  • Eliminates unnecessary appeals; and
  • Streamlines Unemployment Insurance response processes, which reduces paperwork while saving time and money.

Given the sensitive data exchanged, SIDES has multiple layers of security that require authentication certificates and encrypted records and files.

SIDES is available free of charge, although there will be internal information technology system development costs to integrate with SIDES.

For more information about SIDES, please see the SIDES fact sheet prepared by NASWA/CESER.

Large employers and third-party administrators may get additional information about developing a SIDES interface and signing up by contacting:

email: [email protected]