Three construction workers at a job site.

Provisions of Law

Laws and Regulations

OSHA 10 Compliance

The OSHA 10 Legislation only applies to workers on a public work contract that are required under Article 8 to receive the prevailing wage.

Please Note: Once you have completed OSHA 10 training for work on Article 8 public work contracts, New York State does not require renewal. However, New York City does require renewal of the training every 5 years.

Requirements for OSHA 10 Compliance Article 8 §220-h requires when the advertised specifications for every contract for public work is $250,000.00 or more, the contract must contain a provision requiring that every worker employed in the performance of a public work contract shall be certified as having completed an OSHA 10 safety training course. The clear intent of this provision is to require that all employees of public work contractors, required to be paid prevailing rates, receive such training “prior to the performing any work on the contract.”

The Bureau will enforce the statute as follows: All contractors and sub contractors must attach a copy of proof of completion of the OSHA 10 course to the first certified payroll submitted to the contracting agency and on each succeeding payroll where any new or additional employee is first listed. Proof of completion may include but is not limited to:

  • Copies of bona fide course completion card (Note: Completion cards do not have an expiration date.)
  • Training roster, attendance record of other documentation from the certified trainer pending the issuance of the card.
  • Other valid proof

**A certification by the employer attesting that all employees have completed such a course is not sufficient proof that the course has been completed.

Any questions regarding this statute may be directed to the New York State Department of Labor, Bureau of Public Work and Prevailing Wage Enforcement at 518-457-5589.

Worker Notification

 Effective June 23, 2020

This provision is an addition to the existing prevailing wage rate law, Labor Law §220, paragraph a of subdivision 3-a. It requires contractors and subcontractors to provide written notice to all laborers, workers or mechanics of the prevailing wage and supplement rate for their particular job classification on each pay stub*. It also requires contractors and subcontractors to post a notice at the beginning of the performance of every public work contract on each job site that includes the telephone number and address for the Department of Labor and a statement informing laborers, workers or mechanics of their right to contact the Department of Labor if he/she is not receiving the proper prevailing rate of wages and/or supplements for his/her particular job classification. The required notification will be provided with each wage schedule, may be downloaded from our website or made available upon request by contacting the Bureau of Public Work and Prevailing Wage Enforcement at 518-457-5589.

* In the event that the required information will not fit on the pay stub, an accompanying sheet or attachment of the information will suffice

SSN on Certified Payrolls

The Department of Labor is cognizant of the concerns of the potential for misuse or inadvertent disclosure of social security numbers.

Identity theft is a growing problem and we are sympathetic to contractors’ concerns with regard to inclusion of this information on payrolls if another identifier will suffice.

For these reasons, the substitution of the use of the last four digits of the social security number on certified payrolls submitted to contracting agencies on public work projects is now acceptable to the Department of Labor.

NOTE: This change does not affect the Department’s ability to request and receive the entire social security number from employers during the course of its public work / prevailing wage investigations.