Jobs in Demand Today


These occupations, in each regional labor market analyst's view, will offer a qualified jobseeker a reasonable expectation of obtaining employment in at least one region in New York State. The list takes into consideration historical seasonal hiring activity, job openings in the New York State Job Bank and each analyst's best judgment. The occupations on this list may not necessarily be tied to training available at the local Career Center; contact your local Career Center for their priority list of training opportunities.

The dashboard can be used to explore the data in several ways.

  • Region Overview – Shows the job title and description for all occupations in demand in the selected region. It also displays similar job titles, the typical level of education required, and wages.
  • Areas in Demand – Allows users to see a map showing which regions have the selected occupation in demand. The dashboard displays the job title, job description, similar job titles, occupational wages, and the most common education level required for the job.
  • Full Set – Allows users to view the full list of occupations that are in demand in the selected region(s). Job title, job description, and wages are displayed for each occupation in demand in the selected region(s).
  • Most in Demand – Provides a list of occupational titles and the regions where each occupation is in demand. Those occupations that are in demand in the most regions are found at the top of the list.
  • Alphabetical – Provides an alphabetical list of occupational titles and the regions where they are in demand.

To learn more about how to use Tableau and download data, check out our guide Tableau Tips for the Web.

If you are having trouble accessing the data provided below because you are using assistive technology, please reach out to your local labor market analyst for assistance.

Questions regarding the Jobs in Demand Today lists or the dashboard should be directed to your local labor market analyst.

Jobs in Demand (by region)