InterviewStream is a web-based mock interview program that is offered free to our customers to assist them with improving their interviewing skills.

This easy-to-use online program uses on-screen, recorded interview scenarios developed by employment professionals. The program allows users to record an interview and re-watch it or submit it to the website where a workforce advisor can view the video and provide feedback.

InterviewStream gives you the ability to create an interview that can include specific topics, industry-based questions, or questions specific to job titles/duties. The library of over 7,000 questions is one of the greatest features of InterviewStream.

When your practice interview is complete, you will have the option to self-review or have an in-depth critique done by a Career Center workforce advisor.

How To

InterviewStream can be done from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer or mobile device with a webcam and a strong internet connection.

InterviewStream is the perfect resource if you:

  • Have been on several interviews, but are not being offered jobs.
  • Are not confident about your interviewing skills.
  • Have not been on any interviews recently.
  • Will be participating in a virtual interview.

Get Started

To use this free resource all you need to do is create an online account. 

During the account registration process, you will be prompted to select a Location Admin. If you know the name of your local Career Center, select it from the drop-down list. If you cannot identify your local Career Center, select “Virtual-Self Service” from the drop-down list to continue with the registration process.

Get Started