How to Apply for an Incentive Credit under Code Rule 60


The goal of the Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Incentive Program (WSLPIP) is to help reduce the number and severity of injuries to employees covered by the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board. Under this program, you may apply for a credit to your workers’ compensation insurance premium or security deposit for an initial credit period of three years.

WSLPIP Initial Premium Credits


Program Type

Program Year 1

Program Year 2

Program Year 3

Safety 4% 2% 2%
Return-to-Work 4% 2% 2%
Drug and Alcohol Prevention 2% 2% 2%

After the initial three-year period, the credit will be reduced to 2% for each year of the renewal period for each program.  Each renewal period will be three years.  You may apply for a credit as long as you qualify for each program. 

WSLPIP Renewal Premium Credits

Program Type

Program Year 1

Program Year 2

Program Year 3

Safety 2% 2% 2%
Return-to-Work 2% 2% 2%
Drug and Alcohol Prevention 2% 2% 2%


Before applying for the credit, review our Guidelines to Code Rule 60 (PDF). You must implement the program(s) and have it evaluated before the Labor Department can approve an application. Submit it at least 120 days before the date you renew your workers’ compensation insurance policy. Self-insured employers must apply before September 1st.

Application Form and Instructions - You must use our form to apply. Attach a copy of your program plan and describe how you implemented the program. You must also submit a copy of your evaluation report, which must be from a Certified Specialist.

WSLPIP Application for Approval (Form SH 927) (PDF)
WSLPIP Application Instructions (PDF)
Appendix A (SH 933) (PDF)

Finding a Certified Specialist

The Labor Department certifies the specialists who evaluate all three credit programs. See our Licensing page for information on getting certified).

Please follow the link to our Specialist Database Search Engine, where you can locate and contact one or more specialist in your area who may be available to provide the required evaluation service. The Database Search Engine will allow you to search for certified specialists who are self-employed or work for a private insurance carrier. The Department of Labor does not set the fees that may be charged by any private sector specialist. You are responsible for making those arrangements with each specialist. You will be able to search one or more geographic areas and email selected specialists.

Specialist Evaluation Forms

Specialists must use the Labor Department forms for their reports. They submit the evaluation to you. These are the proper forms to use:

After Qualifying for Credits

Once you qualify for the credit, we will send you a Certificate of Approval. You must notify your insurer or the Workers' Compensation Board (if self-insured). Send them a copy of the Certificate so they can apply the credit to the next policy period. To keep the credit for all three years, you must:

  • File an annual report
  • Attest that you still have the program in operation
  • Show compliance
  • Submit the annual report to us 90 calendar days after your policy renewal date

Individually self-insured employers have until the end of the first quarter to send us each annual report and verification.

Annual Reporting

After we review and approve the annual report, we will send you written notice of approval. These are the annual report forms and instructions:

Renewing Your Credit for Another Period

You may renew your credit for additional three-year periods. You must apply for renewal no later than 90 calendar days before your yearly policy renewal date in the third year of the current approval period. The renewal application deadline for a self-insured employer is September 30. Apply for renewal by using this form:
Renewal Application Form (SH 941) (PDF)

You must include an annual report with data from the first half of the final approved year. We will send you a Certificate of Approval when we renew your incentive credit. You must notify your insurer or the Workers’ Compensation Board (if self-insured) by sending them a copy of the Certificate of Approval.

See Code Rule 60 FAQs. (PDF)