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Apprenticeship Direct Entry

What is an apprenticeship “Direct Entry” program?

Direct Entry is an apprenticeship preparation program that can help you get the skills you need to meet the minimum requirements of a NYS Registered Apprenticeship program. Successful participants have a direct opportunity to interview with a sponsor of a NYS Registered Apprenticeship program. Direct Entry providers are required to have agreements with NYS Registered Apprenticeship program sponsors to ensure the availability of jobs.

Some examples of national Direct Entry programs include Helmets to Hardhats and Job Corps. National programs are recognized by the US Department of Labor, and do not have to be approved by NYSDOL. All statewide and local Direct Entry programs must be approved by NYSDOL.

Direct Entry providers cannot charge tuition. Skills taught in a Direct Entry program may include:

  • Industry Overview/Basic Skills
  • Basic workplace literacy and math
  • Life skills
  • Time management
  • Team skills
  • Working independently
  • Job search
  • Assistance in obtaining a high school equivalency diploma

Some things considered by NYSDOL when reviewing a program for Direct Entry status approval:

  1. Direct Entry providers are required to have agreements with NYS Registered Apprenticeship programs to ensure there is a linkage and potential for real jobs.
  2. Direct Entry programs must target women, minorities, and/or individuals with disabilities and may also target veterans.
  3. A due diligence review is conducted on Direct Entry providers at time of application and when deemed appropriate by NYSDOL.
  4. Candidates who participate in approved Direct Entry programs still need to meet the minimum qualifications set by a sponsor of a NYS Registered Apprenticeship program.
  5. Review of program’s skills assessment (e.g. how applicants are assessed to determine if they meet a NYS RA program’s minimum qualifications).
  6. Review of program’s employability/work readiness skills (e.g. assistance in obtaining High School Equivalency Diploma, basic workplace literacy and math, life skills, time management, team skills, working independently, job search, and/or soft skills).
  7. Review of program’s classroom instruction.
  8. Review of other training such as physical fitness or safety training (as appropriate and contingent upon the demands of the trade.)

Sponsors of NYS Registered Apprenticeship Training programs wishing to use an approved Direct Entry program must identify it in their Affirmative Action Plan (AT603 form) and should work with their Apprentice Training Representative to obtain approval.

NYSDOL maintains a directory of approved Direct Entry providers. You can filter the regional directory below to find a Direct Entry provider near you. View the detailed information of the provider by clicking its name.

Those who operate an apprenticeship preparation program and wish to apply for Direct Entry status should contact NYSDOL’s Apprenticeship Training Office at [email protected].  Jobseekers that would like to connect with a Direct Entry provider should contact that provider directly.