Our Vision and Mission


Our strategic vision is to build and sustain a workforce reflective of the many unique cultures, voices, backgrounds, ideas, and talents of the residents and communities we serve.


Our work is to take affirmative actions to increase the participation and retention of diverse groups in the DOL’s workforce, encourage collaboration amongst these groups, and foster an equitable work environment of inclusion, appreciation, and respect.

Our Values


We facilitate effective and meaningful contributions to all New Yorkers.


We embrace and respect the individual differences and unique voices of our constituents. We are proud of the varied backgrounds and experiences of our employees and appreciate the valuable contributions they make to the workplace.


We produce innovative workforce solutions based on a broad array of perspectives and ideas.


We recognize that each person has different circumstances and are committed to affording resources to create opportunities that can attain equal outcomes.

Strategic Leaders and Plan Foundations


Develop informed and committed leaders at the highest level of the Agency to set the tone for diversity and inclusion initiatives, and create an environment that encourages flexibility, fairness, and individuality by establishing procedures, policies, and practices that reflect the diverse needs of the DOL and its customers.

  • Designate a Diversity and Inclusion Officer in accordance with EO#187
  • Equip leaders with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to increase organizational awareness of diversity and inclusion objectives
  • Ensure policies and procedures contain inclusive language, and are reflective of the agency’s mission
  • Ensure dedicated fiscal and human resources are aligned with achievement of diversity and inclusion objectives
  • Use data to build targets that guide and show progress for advancing DEI across NYSDOL
  • Implement a procedure for continuous review of policies and procedure that are compliant with the legislative and executive directives
  • Develop a diversity and inclusion training for supervisors, managers, and leadership staff

Recruit and Retain Talent


Attract and retain a talented workforce capable of using their varied backgrounds and experiences to drive productivity and innovation.

  • Broaden the pool of eligible candidates to include greater numbers of protected class members through targeted outreach
  • Create avenues of entry for diverse deficient titles, and salary grades
  • Expand employment opportunities in various print, social media, community based organizations and other outlets
  • Create job postings with inclusive language to showcase NYSDOL as an employer of choice for diverse communities

Inclusive Culture Through Training and Development


Provide agency-wide diversity and inclusion training to encourage the integration of diversity and inclusion principles with program planning practices and public service.

  • Educate staff on diversity and inclusion and encourage integration of concepts into business practices
  • Promote employee buy in and collective accountability by encouraging staff feedback on diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Identify and resolve issues and behaviors that violate values of workplace diversity, respect, and inclusion
  • Conduct a culture survey for employees to provide feedback on their experiences
  • Develop a DEI portal on NYSDOL intranet


Data-driven Measurement


Utilize data to monitor agency behaviors as it relates to diversity and inclusion, and revise and refine practices to deliver effective programs and services.

  • Create a Diversity and Inclusion Database System for the collection and reporting of demographic information
  • Establish tools, including internal reporting mechanisms for the collection of data
  • Develop a source of the data, the specific analyses/comparisons that will be conducted, the expected outcome/purpose of the analysis, and manner of reporting
  • Establish reports and a reporting process to update DOL Leadership, Chief Diversity Officer, and Commissioner of Civil Service on the Agency’s achievements, deficiencies, proposed solutions to problems, and the need for external assistance in accordance with EO#187
  • Develop a database system that provides for the collection of workforce data by demographics, geographical region, program area, title, salary grade, federal occupational category, and other categories
  • Conduct statistical analysis to identify trends, underrepresentation, and underutilization of minorities, women LGBTQ+ individuals, disabled persons and veterans
  • Develop reports and findings to showcase progress towards equity goals


Equitable Services


Adopt customer-centric practices that deliver inclusive customer experiences and equitable programs and services.

  • Understand customer needs to create a more inclusive and diverse environment and services
  • Include customer voice in future iteration of the NYSDOL D&I Strategic Plan
  • Celebrate and promote the diversity of New York State by providing culturally responsive services
  • Create a process to understand customer needs & provide culturally responsive services

Contact our Diversity Champions

Melissa Quesada,  Acting Chief Diversity Officer

P: 212-775-3752

[email protected]


Shawna McDaniel, Director, Equal Opportunity

P: 518-457-1984

[email protected]