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Contracting Agency


A Contracting Agency (Department of Jurisdiction) can be a:

  • State department, agency, board, commission
  • County, city, town or village
  • School district, board of education or board of cooperative educational services
  • Sewer, water, fire, improvement and other district corporation
  • Public benefit corporation
  • Public authority awarding a public work contract.

A Contracting Agency awarding a public work contract must:

  • Obtain a Prevailing Rate Schedule
  • Include the schedule in the specifications for the contract
  • Make the schedule a part of the awarded contract
  • Submit a 'Notice of Contract Award' (PW-16) when the contract is awarded
  • Collect and maintain certified payroll records

Submit a 'Notice of Completion / Cancellation of Project' (PW-200) when the contract is completed or if it is cancelled

Enforcement Fund

State agencies and public benefit corporations engaged in public work contracts for:

  • Construction
  • Reconstruction
  • Maintenance and Repair

This Law requires each State agency or public benefit corporation (e.g. public authority) that enters into a public work contract to pay one tenth (0.1) of one percent (0.01) of the total cost of the contract* to this Fund.

*(Total Cost of Contract  x  0.001 = Amount to be paid to Fund)

Payment is due when a new contract is entered into or if there is an amendment to the contract.

Wage Request for Contracting Agencies

You can request the prevailing wage schedules for your county by filling out the online application.

If you submit the same request multiple times, it will assign you different PRC#s for the same project.

We will e-mail you a link to your Original Wage Schedule with the assigned Prevailing Rate Case number ( PRC#). 

From this link you will have access to:

  • PDF files of your complete wage schedule package
  • Online Notice of Award (PW16) form
  • Online Notice of Completion/Cancellation of Contract (PW200) form

Reminder to all Contractors

We post any error corrections or updates in the annual determination to the Department's web site on the first business day of each month. Contractors are responsible for paying these updated rates retroactive to July 1.

Certified Payrolls

The Contracting Agency must:

  • Collect payroll records every thirty (30) days after issuance of contractor's first payroll
  • Designate in writing one of their employees to collect certified payrolls and review for accuracy and errors
  • Maintain payroll records for five years from the date of completion of the work
  • Post name of employee collecting payroll records on the project site
  • Make filing of payrolls by the contractor(s) a condition of payment
  • See that all contractors and subcontractors attach a copy of proof of completion of the OSHA 10 course to the first certified payroll submitted to the contracting agency and on each succeeding payroll where any new or additional employee is first listed