How to Comply with Industrial Code Rule 59

If you get a notice about the Safety and Loss Prevention Program, you should review our Guidelines to Code Rule 59 (PDF) for rules and timelines, and contact your workers’ compensation carrier. After you get the notice you have:

  • 30 days to make the appointment for a consultation and evaluation
  • 10 days after making the appointment to tell your insurer and the Labor Department (by letter, email, or fax) the date of the evaluation and the name, address, and Certification Number of the Consultant who will do it
  • 75 days to complete the consultation and evaluation

A Safety and Loss Prevention Consultant certified by the Labor Department must complete the consultation. See our Licensing page for information on getting certified.

After You Receive Your Consultation Report

You must send a copy of the consultant’s report to your insurance carrier and the Labor Department. You must also include a letter stating how and when you intend to comply with the recommendations made by your consultant. You can send a copy of your report and all other information to the Department by mail, email or fax. Please see our program page for contact information.

Your insurance carrier must re-inspect to ensure that you have complied with the consultant’s report. They must notify the Department of the results.

Finding a Certified Consultant

Please see our Consultant Database Search Engine, where you can locate and contact one or more consultant in your area who may be available to provide the required consultation service.

The Database Search Engine will allow you to search for consultants who are self-employed or work for a private insurance carrier. The Department of Labor does not set the fees that may be charged by any private sector consultant. You are responsible for making those arrangements with each consultant. You will be able to search one or more geographic area and email selected consultants.

For More Information Regarding Code Rule 59