Collections and Past Due Amounts

Businesses may have unpaid contributions owed to the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund due to:

  • Changes in business conditions
  • The economy
  • Personal reasons

We have several types of payment plans to help you. Contact us to avoid facing serious action that will restrict your business operations and increase your debt.

What you must do:

  • File your reports on time, even if you cannot pay
  • Contact the Department's collection section to set up a payment plan
  • Call (800) 456-1015 or (518) 457-5789

If you do not meet your obligations, the Labor Department must exercise its enforcement powers. These include:

  • Failure to File Penalty: A fine on employers who fail to report on time
  • Wage Reporting Penalty: A fine on employers who fail to properly report employee wages
  • Benefit Claim Penalty: A fine when an employer's improper report is used to determine benefits for a former employee
  • Warrants: A permanent record filed with your county clerk that indicates you have outstanding obligations. It allows levy and sale of your assets by the sheriff or other authorized individuals. Warrants impair your credit rating.
  • Levy and Sale: The seizure of items you own (assets) to satisfy your debt. Your assets include bank accounts, cash registers, accounts receivable, amounts owed you, property buildings, and automobiles.
  • Interest: Authorized on your UI debts at the rate of 12% per year.
  • Collection Fees: Charges up to 22% of your outstanding debt (This is a collection fee to cover the costs of processing, handling, and collecting delinquent debts.)
  • Authority Not to Renew: State, local and federal agencies may block renewal of licenses and permits if a person or business has a debt
  • Returned Check Charge: A fine if your check bounces
  • Tax Offset: Referral to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance for seizure of any tax refunds or other payments due you

If you have UI debt, contact us immediately. If you work with us to pay your debt, you can avoid these actions. You can reach the Labor Department about any outstanding debts in several ways.

New York State Department of Labor
Unemployment Insurance - Central Assignment and Collection Section
Harriman State Office Campus Building 12, Room 256
Albany, NY 12226

NYS Department of Labor - Unemployment Insurance Division

Within NYS: (800) 456-1015
Outside NYS: (518) 457-5789

(518) 457-8215