Article 12A of the New York State Labor Law requires all Apparel Industry Manufacturers and Contractors to register each year by January 15. This applies to any firm that produces garments or accessories for garments in New York State.

Registration ensures that apparel firms meet basic standards, such as:

  • Maintaining Workers' Compensation/Disability Insurance
  • Providing Unemployment Insurance coverage
  • Paying outstanding civil penalties

For details, read "How to Identify Garment Sweatshops" (a business guide for manufacturers and retailers).


Registered Apparel Contractors and Manufacturers

Garment industry manufacturers and contractors are required by law to register with the New York State Department of Labor. In addition, when a retailer works directly with a contractor to produce garments, the retailer is considered a manufacturer and must register.

A garment contractor that fails to register is breaking state law and is a sweatshop operation.

We post our computerized data base on the Internet so that garment businesses can find out whether their current and potential contractors are registered. The data base contains the name and main address (branch locations are not included) of the contractor.

Apparel Industry Database


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