Temporary Rules for Licensing & Certification


This page lists temporary rules for license and certification renewals and exam postponements. (All dates are Subject to Changes due to ongoing COVID-19 response.)


Applications to Renew Your Crane Operator Certificate of Competence

The Department is currently offering written crane renewal exams at our nine district offices monthly. Crane renewal exams can be taken up to one year before existing certifications expire. There is limited seating and applicants will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be scheduled for your exam after you submit the test signup sheet.

To renew your certificate in addition to the exam you must complete your application and submit your renewal fee. You may not submit your crane renewal application more than 3 months prior to expiration of your current certificate.

You can view and print application packets and code rules.

If you have a current Crane Operator Certificate of Competence, and you have submitted the test signup sheet at least three months before your expiration date, your certificate may  be extended to allow you to sit for the renewal exam. You will receive a letter confirming this extension. If you have submitted your application and fee at least one month prior to your expiration but have not been contacted for your renewal exam, please contact the License & Certificate Unit at (518) 457-2735 or by email at License&[email protected]. to request this extension.

Contact Us

Any questions not answered on this page will be answered by staff at the License & Certificate Unit.

Call (518) 457-2735 or email License&[email protected].